Linkstorm cuts online ad fraud and accelerates Amazon Web Services globally with CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: Linkstorm

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: New York, USA

Industry: Online advertising


CDN Services: Content Acceleration, SSL

Key results

  • Implemented SSL acceleration for ad serving in just three days
  • Eliminated ad fraud for more than twenty major brands
  • Accelerated ad content from Amazon Web Services to over 20 countries
  • Accelerated SSL globally to secure and verify ads from trusted sources
  • Attained 99 percent load success of links and content in multi-layered ads

Since 2009, Linkstorm has helped advertisers reach more buyers effectively through innovative technology that makes ads more relevant and targeted. By incorporating cascading menu options into ads with links to relevant content - multiple videos, product literature links and interactive components - Linkstorm delivers more depth to ads, ultimately driving higher conversion rates. For this reason, global brands across all major industries are turning to Linkstorm to more effectively attract online prospects worldwide. Recently, Linkstorm ad technology has underpinned successful ad campaigns across 20 countries for many major brands, including Cisco, IBM, Dell, Yamaha, PriceGrabber, Priceline, Nissan, HSBC, Schwab, Key Bank, Eli Lilly, 1-800-Flowers, JustFab, Sony and more.

The challenge

In 2014 Linkstorm moved its web serving infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS provides a strong global presence, Linkstorm’s brand customers demand the fastest experiences possible to optimise consumer click-through rates. For this reason, Linkstorm has always accelerated its AWS implementation with content acceleration services from CDNetworks.

Recently, advertisers were forced to respond to the growing fraud landscape in online advertising and require more security options than AWS could deliver efficiently. Brands and advertising teams wanted high-speed SSL verification of ads to ensure their target consumers were receiving legitimate ads and ad content, instead of fraudulent ads that were wreaking havoc for brands and consumers alike. “Fast ad content loading and SSL verification are must-haves in the hypercompetitive online advertising industry,” explained David Sidman, CEO and Founder of Linkstorm. “We needed to keep AWS fast and add SSL functionality to keep conversion rates high and eliminate the potential for fraud.” Incorporating SSL into content delivery would ensure that ads and ad content came from trusted and secure sources.

As the Linkstorm team set about searching for a SSL solution to meet their needs, they recognised the need to maintain the highest content delivery speeds possible. “Our technology allows for 50 product images and 5 or more videos within a single ad,” added Sidman. “We couldn’t let our improved security stance slow down the content loading within our cascading ads.” As a result, the chosen solution would need to provide the following characteristics:

  • Easy integration with Linkstorm’s existing CDN infrastructure from CDNetworks
  • Proven high performance across the globe
  • Implementation that is fast and easy to understand

If Linkstorm could find the right SSL solution while maintaining high performance, multiple brand prospects were ready to sign on and take advantage of the company’s innovative cascading ad technology and services.

The solution

By focusing on the aforementioned criteria, Linkstorm had little trouble narrowing the field of potential SSL providers. In the end, it chose CDNetworks for three reasons.
Firstly, CDNetworks had been accelerating AWS, without interruption, since Linkstorm’s original move to Amazon Web Services. Secondly, CDNetworks provides faster content and application delivery times to more of the globe than other CDNs. This is critical to Linkstorm’s brand customers that are seeking to penetrate challenging markets, such as China, where CDNetworks is the only global CDN with a presence. Thirdly, CDNetworks demonstrated several SSL implementation options so that Linkstorm could choose the best way to maximise operational efficiency and flexibility.

The results

In just three days CDNetworks implemented high-speed SSL verification for Linkstorm’s ad content serving. Just as importantly, SSL verifications did not slow the Linkstorm service at all. According to Linkstorm’s own ad content tracking mechanism, CDNetworks continues to enable the cascading menus and content within Linkstorm ads to fully load 99 percent of the time, anywhere in the world. “Using CDNetworks with SSL acceleration, we can offer brands the most cost-effective ad serving technology while optimising speed and security anywhere in the world,” said Sidman

Many websites and online companies face the tradeoff between extremely high costs or lower performance when attempting to accelerate AWS. Linkstorm, like many other companies, has proven that CDNetworks can help make its investment in AWS pay off by optimising performance, reliability and security of web content and applications anywhere in the world.


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