King Jouet upgrades its website to handle seasonal surges in demand, thanks to CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: King Jouet

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: France

Industry: Retail (Toys)


CDN Services: Content Acceleration

Key results

  • An IT infrastructure that expands website capacity to the holiday season  

  • A system four to five times better value than the previous CDN

  • Stable, reliable website performance


E-commerce website is the online branch of Groupe King Jouet, one of Europe’s leading toy retailers. Groupe King Jouet was founded in 1989 and today counts over 200 stores, including seven in Switzerland. 

In 2009 the website began offering a reservation service where customers are able to reserve items online and purchase in their nearest King Jouet store. In October 2013 the service was expanded to include a click-and-collect option, allowing customers to buy items online and pick up at the nearest store. 

Due to the highly seasonal nature of toy retailing business, the website sees a surge in traffic just before Christmas holidays. Its sales during the first ten days of December are equivalent to the entire month
of January. Millions of its pages are visited monthly, and it’s not unusual to have thousands of visitors browsing the pages at the same time. 

The challenge

To cope with the seasonal traffic surge in November-December – where the number of page views increases by a factor of eight – King Jouet decided to put the website’s images, style sheets, and HTML pages in a content delivery network provided by CDNetworks. The network stores objects in cache for seven days, and CDNetworks’ own IT infrastructure absorbs the seasonal spikes in traffic. 

The solution

Thanks to CDNetworks’ solution, King Jouet controls seasonal traffic spikes without investing to additional servers. In 2010 the retailer had started using another content delivery network, but – while effective – it had proven to be costly. “CDNetworks is four to five times better value than our previous CDN. And they have French-speaking account managers who can promptly handle our requests,” said Thierry Bourgade, Website Project Manager at King Jouet. 

The results

King Jouet has been very pleased with CDNetworks’ caching system, which meets the retailers’ needs for a stable, reliable e-commerce website. Now King Jouet is con dent that its customers can buy items online without experiencing slow website load, delays or interruption – even during the Christmas rush. 


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