Jabra expands and improves global online presence with CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: Jabra

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Industry: Business and consumer electronics

Website: http://www.jabra.com/

CDN Services: Dynamic Website Acceleration, China Acceleration

Key results

  • International websites in growth areas delivered with fast ‘time-to-interaction’
  • Fully-licensed Jabra.cn website available to all users within mainland China
  • Zero complaints following the introduction of CDNetworks’ CDN

Jabra provides audio headsets for both work and play. Its call centre and office headsets are designed for thousands of phone calls and hours of use, while its wireless sports earbuds are rugged, waterproof and come with special features such as heart rate monitors and motion trackers.

Employing approximately 1000 people worldwide, Jabra has a growing international presence and sells its audio equipment to businesses and consumers across Europe, the Americas, and APAC. Jabra has enjoyed significant revenue growth in the last year - a feat it wants to continue, but that depended on reliable web content delivery.

The challenge

Jabra’s challenge, with growing international presence and sales opportunities, was ensuring that its website was always accessible in all parts of the world, no matter how remote from its native Denmark. Hong Kong, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and China are all target markets for growth, and Jabra knew it needed its website to load very quickly in order to maintain its reputation with potential customers and prevent site abandonment. Just as important as loading the site quickly was “time to interaction” - the time from loading the site and being able to read content, click on links, or play video - even if the whole page has not yet loaded. 

Jabra was using a content delivery network to achieve better load times and “time to interaction”, but found that it did not have the international reach it needed, billing was unpredictable, and its support was lacking.

There were also particular challenges when targeting China. With strict content filtering, often resulting in high latencies, Jabra needed a China-specific content delivery solution to make its website reliable in this important market.

The website would be serving dynamic content - simply caching static content wouldn’t cut it. The solution Jabra would require needed to deliver content from the origin server. The current supplier had provided this service but had proved unpredictable when it came to month-to-month billing, and offered inconsistent support. Jabra was looking for a provider with a proactive approach offering tools to monitor usage. 

The solution

CDNetworks provided Jabra with its Dynamic Web Acceleration and China Acceleration services, along with the support necessary to implement and maintain these solutions. In fact, CDNetworks’ ability to offer premium customer service, including both technical support and a dedicated point of contact, was one of the key differentiators that led to Jabra selecting CDNetworks for this project. 

The results

Jabra’s aim was to make sure that websites could be loaded and interacted with as quickly as possible and with CDNetworks, this has been made possible - and consistently so. In fact, the Jabra website now loads on average in 1.3 seconds. So, no matter where Jabra’s potential customers are browsing from, its country-specific websites will load quickly, complete, and with up-to-date, local prices for buying direct - and with all information in the local language.

As well as delivering Jabra’s website to mainland China through its local content delivery network infrastructure, CDNetworks was also able to use its unrivalled local reputation to assist with obtaining the ICP licenses necessary to operate a website in China. Plus, both international and Chinese acceleration was set up with minimum fuss and with full support throughout.

“The co-operation and support from CDNetworks was invaluable in making sure our customers from across the world can reach us,” said Søren Schmidt, Director, Digital Business Development, CRM & Online, Jabra. “Since we’ve started working with CDNetworks, as well as enjoying a slick onboarding setup process supported by great customer service, we’ve had zero website performance complaints from customers, our sales teams, or our partners. It’s a reassuring silence and quite different from our previous experience.”


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