Ekino, a FullSIX Group Company, Boosts the Efficiency of its Global Communications thanks to CDNetworks

At a glance

Company: Ekino, a FullSIX Group company

Headquarters: France

Industry: Communications

Website: http://group.fullsix.com/en

CDN Services: Content Acceleration

Key results

  • Enhanced performance of websites handling large data volumes
  • Savings on bandwidth
  • Savings on IT infrastructure to exceed the 1 GB mark
  • Custom-configured CDN services

FullSIX is a group of communication agencies created to help businesses adapt their operations to the digital age. The group has been at the forefront of innovation for over 15 years, leveraging new technology to drive growth in France and across Europe. Ekino is the group’s technology subsidiary; its 250 employees in France and Poland develop leading-edge systems for web applications. The company mainly provides system development, data analysis, and hosting services. Its customers include major French multinationals—including a French car maker with global operations. Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, hosts websites for this customer that must meet demanding technical specifications, such as fast page load times for users anywhere in the world.

CDNetworks has been serving Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, since 2008, initially through Panther Express which was subsequently acquired by CDNetworks. Even today, the collaboration between the two technology businesses is still going strong with tangible benefits for Ekino’s customers.

The solution

Thanks to CDNetworks’ global presence, Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, can deliver the web performance that its customers need anywhere in the world, with fast load times for their web pages and applications—regardless of the volume of content to be displayed. And all that comes with substantial cost savings:

  • Bandwidth through CDNetworks is significantly cheaper than the individual rate that Ekino, FullSIX Group company, previously paid;
  • By going through CDNetworks, Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, can transfer more than a Gigabit of data without needing to purchase additional IT infrastructure.

“CDNetworks provides the ideal mix of robust performance, reasonable cost, useful reporting, and high-quality service for web applications with large data volumes,” said Axel Pavageau, Head of the IT Systems, Networks & Hosting Department at Ekino, a FullSIX Group company

The results

The staff at Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, especially appreciate being able to configure some of CDNetworks’ services themselves through CDNetworks’ web portal. That means they can customize the configuration to support responsive design, for example—an essential tool for ensuring the same high-quality content display on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

“Not all CDNs allow for customized configuration, which is one of CDNetworks’ clear strengths,” Axel said.

About Ekino

About Ekino Ekino—FullSIX Group’s digital technology and business agency—has been a pioneer in actionable innovation for over ten years. With 200+ engineers, the agency boasts a strong business culture and leverages high-level talent to make the digital transformation a reality. Learn more at: www.ekino.com

About FullSIX Group

FullSIX Group is a leading independent European group of communication and marketing consultancies. Founded in 1998, the group operates twenty agencies in eleven countries on four continents, employing about a thousand people. FullSIX places digital and data at the heart of its customers’ performance, for all advertisers’ needs: analytics, data & insights (FullSIX Data); branding and advertising (FullSIX Advertising); strategy and media buying (FullSIX Media, FullSIX Search); relationship, digital and e-commerce (FullSIX); and traffic generation, in-store experience, and ROPO (FullSIX Retail). FullSIX Group helps customers dramatically increase their performance by using a digital- and data-centric strategy to systematically synchronize communications with their customers. Learn more at: http://www.group.fullsix.com/


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