easyMarkets improves performance of trading platform in China with CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: easyMarkets

Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus

Industry: Online trading

Website: https://www.easymarkets.com/

CDN Services: China Acceleration, Dynamic Web Acceleration, SSL

Key results

  • Ensured the easyMarkets trading platform could be accessed in mainland China
  • Obtained the required ICP Bei’an license for its China domain
  • Improved platform load time by 744%

Established in 2003, easyMarkets, previously Easy Forex, is a leading provider of online trading services. The company is based in Limassol, Cyprus, and operates within more than 160 countries worldwide including UK, Poland, Australia and China. easyMarkets offers traders over 300 products, ranging from currencies, commodities and metals, all accessible from their desktop, tablet or smartphone device.

The challenge

Having identified China as one of its key markets, easyMarkets was looking for a content delivery network provider that could support its business in the Chinese market. While easyMarkets already had a presence in the region, its Chinese website was not performing as well as needed - delivery of dynamic content was slow and unreliable. But because exchange rates can change quickly, the service was in danger of being undermined as a result. easyMarkets needed a content delivery network provider that could accelerate and underpin its content delivery in China. While very few CDN providers can accelerate the type of content easyMarkets has on its trading platform, there are even fewer who can do this in China.

Having a high-performing web service was vital around the world, and easyMarkets had enlisted the help of another content delivery network provider to ensure its trading platform was performing well in other markets - but it couldn’t offer the same in China. Due to the nature of easyMarkets’ business, the speed of the trading platform was an enormously critical factor for the company and its customers. It was essential that traders could see prices in real-time to avoid the risk of arbitrage, which would be fatal for the business. easyMarkets therefore needed a CDN partner that could provide global support - including China.

"China has huge potential for us, but our service delivery was falling foul of the infrastructure nuances that frame content delivery in the country. Given the competitive nature of our business and the growth potential for us in China, we simply had no choice but to find a CDN provider that can guarantee website delivery in China," said Markos Solomou, Chief Marketing Officer at easyMarkets.

The solution

As one of the only CDN providers that can effectively accelerate content in mainland China, CDNetworks provided its China Acceleration solution to successfully launch easyMarkets’ Chinese website and trading platform into the region. Supporting both the static text and images, and ever-changing dynamic content of the site, CDNetworks ensured easyMarkets’ website and trading platform was quickly accessible by anyone in mainland China.  

As well as providing the technical infrastructure to make content delivery more reliable in China, CDNetworks also provided its experienced consultancy on China’s strict internet regulations, helping easyMarkets secure the necessary ICP Bei’an license to operate its website in China.  

“It’s not easy to find a CDN provider that can help with content delivery in China. Despite the high number of CDN vendors, CDNetworks was the only provider that had the capacity to target China and other hard to reach markets. With its extensive experience of Chinese government regulations and knowledge on obtaining the ICP Bei’an license, CDNetworks was a CDN provider we could trust,” explained Solomou.

The results

Since working with CDNetworks, easyMarkets has experienced significant increases in its trading platform’s performance in China, with fast and reliable response times. One of the biggest advantages of this is the minimisation of latency. This is vital, as it eradicates the potential risk of price differences being exploited. In addition, customers can be confident that they are working with the most up to date information, meaning a reduced risk of customer churn.      

And this improvement has been truly significant - the load time of the easyMarkets website and trading platform in China has improved by a remarkable 744%. This has resulted in a dramatically improved service for easyMarkets’ Chinese customers.  

The premium customer support services which CDNetworks provided has ensured that easyMarkets has remained online and accessible throughout mainland China. A combination of CDNetworks’ technical expertise and local knowledge means easyMarkets successfully acquired its ICP Bei’an license with ease. The Chinese domain is fully compliant with Chinese regulations and can easily be accessed by Chinese consumers.

“It was a huge - but positive! - shock to see the speed of our trading platform fall from 18ms to 2.5ms in China - we just didn’t expect such a dramatic improvement,” added Solomou. “Since working with CDNetworks, we no longer have to worry about our hard-won reputation being undermined by poor performance. It was clear that we could trust CDNetworks to provide the very best foundations for our service delivery - exactly what we want in a partner."


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