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At a glance

Company: Yatedo

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: France

Industry: Internet

Website: http://www.yatedo.fr/

CDN Services: Content Acceleration

Key results

  • Expansion into international markets
  • Acceleration of average response time from 300 ms to less than 20 ms
  • Completely transparent transition

Yatedo, a French start-up formed in 2009 by two Epitech (a French computer science higher education institute) students, is a search engine that specializes in people searches and online reputation.

Based on a particularly innovative technology (using semantics, phonetics and a streamlined interface), Yatedo is able to distinguish between homonyms, presenting search results as profiles which internet users can then take control of and refine if needed.

Interesting fact: The company name ‘Yatedo’ was generated automatically by the search engine’s robots when its founders, Amyne Berrada and Saad Znider, submitted a request asking for a name pronounceable in all languages that had three syllables and a domain name that was still available.

The challenge

With more than 5 million unique visitors per month and traffic coming mainly from the United States, Yatedo was experiencing recurrent slowdowns of information synchronization and display, which had a negative impact on user experience. This is because Yatedo’s server is currently based in France, at a great distance from potential internet users located, for example, on the West Coast of the United States.

“It was immediately obvious to us that we needed to improve our static content management,” explains François Pires, Infrastructure Manager at Yatedo. “Totaling 6 terabytes of traffic per month, this represented nearly 90% of our network load and it was urgent that we found a solution.”

The solution

“We first approached the market leader in content delivery,” says Pires. “However their poor commercial responsiveness surprised us, so we decided to contact CDNetworks as well. When we received the proposals from both companies, all doubts were dispelled. The CDNetworks proposal was clearly so much better suited to our needs and their commercial support really made the difference.”

Yatedo chose CDNetworks Content Acceleration, thereby improving their websites’ performance while maximizing their reliability and stability. With the CDNetworks acceleration service, it is effectively possible to rapidly deliver ‘cached’ content from the site in question. Whatever the format (CSS, JS, FLV, H.264/MP4, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WMV and many others) and wherever the users are based, the acceleration of Yatedo’s sites has now been optimized.

“A particularly important point for us is the ability to optimize our site, even when there is an unexpected increase in traffic or a temporary network interruption,” says Pires. “In fact, all the website content is transmitted via cache servers distributed over the entire CDNetworks distribution network rather than via our original servers located only in France. This is particularly effective given that many of our visitors come from the United States.”

The results

Two weeks were all that were needed to configure and install the solution, and to make the changeover without encountering a single problem.

“We had already designed our network with a view to one day equipping ourselves with an acceleration solution,” adds Pires. “Nevertheless, the responsiveness and professionalism of the CDNetworks teams were particularly appreciated and made for a totally transparent transition.”

The benefits were immediate – from the moment the service was activated, the average response time for static content went from 300 milliseconds to less than 20 milliseconds.

“As far as we’re concerned, CDNetworks has successfully accomplished its mission,” concludes Pires. “We have already started thinking about making changes to the dynamic part of the site. This is no doubt just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.”

About Yatedo

In 2009, Yatedo was formed by two students with a passion for computers who were crazy enough to develop a people search engine. Yatedo is an innovative semantic engine capable of searching for and contacting anyone using all types of information, and obtaining a search result organized as a profile.

The semantic search allows the search engine to understand the content of a page and to extract information about an individual. For more information please visit: http://www.yatedo.fr/.

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