Wistia Serves Global Customers and Saves Thousands of Dollars per Month with CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: Wistia

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

Industry: Video Marketing Platform

Website: https://wistia.com/

CDN Services: Content Acceleration, SSL

Key results

  • Saved thousands of dollars per month versus data center hosting
  • Delivered petabytes of content to a global audience
  • More than doubled content volume six consecutive years, with no failures

Since 2006, Wistia has provided a video marketing platform to businesses worldwide to help them promote their own products and services. From Global 100 companies to local service businesses, organizations of all sizes leverage the Wistia video marketing platform to put their best foot forward online. Wistia’s popularity, and subsequent operations, has progressed rapidly from their humble beginnings, more than doubling the volume of online video content they serve on behalf of customers each of the last six years. In fact, today, consumers of content originating from the Wistia video marketing platform download petabytes of content on a monthly basis.

The challenge

Wistia had always managed and served large download volumes in North America and The EU nations without any significant problems. But in recent years, the company’s customer base and end users downloading content have skyrocketed worldwide, especially across the Asia Pacific region. To ensure optimal performance of their platform in all regions, Wistia implemented a strategy based on redundant systems and operations that leverage different service providers’ specialized strengths.

As Wistia’s operations team investigated options for delivering video content to consumers around the globe, they ran into obstacles that could derail their efforts to cost-efficiently provide top-quality service. These included:

  1. The high cost of data center hosting
  2. Uneven content delivery network performance in the Asia Pacific region

“Serving high-quality video traffic to Asia Pacific presents a slew of network-related performance problems,” says Ben Ruedlinger, VP of Operations at Wistia. “Hosting providers offered no real solutions to the problem and most CDNs simply lack the points of presence (PoPs) to meet the dispersed region’s requirements.” To ensure their Asia Pacific customers and end users enjoy the same experience as their Western audience, Wistia sought to leverage a CDN provider with a strong Asia Pacific presence to complement their CDN capabilities in North America and Europe.

The solution

By focusing on the aforementioned criteria, Wistia had little trouble narrowing the field of potential CDN providers. In the end, they chose CDNetworks for its vast Asia Pacific and global reach as well as its proven performance advantage over other CDNs. “We knew that CDNetworks offered a performance boost in the APAC region, but once we tested it, everyone was convinced right away,” says Ruedlinger. “We had found our CDN for APAC and the rest of the world outside North American and The EU.”

Integrating CDNetworks into a multi-CDN strategy was quite easy for the Wistia operations team. It took them less than a week to adjust their DNS settings and turn all their Asia Pacific traffic over to CDNetworks

The results

Wistia has delivered top-quality platform performance in Asia Pacific for over two years with CDNetworks, with Asia Pacific region now accounting for a large portion of traffic outside North America and The EU. “We are definitely in ‘scale and growth’ mode, and CDNetworks helps make that happen,” says Ruedlinger. The company also benefits from a cost perspective. By avoiding costly data center hosting in the Asia Pacific region, Wistia estimates that CDNetworks saves them thousands of dollars per month in hosting fees.

Many websites and online companies face extremely high costs or lower performance when attempting to extend services from the US and Europe to the rest of the world. Wistia, like many other companies, has proven that a multi-CDN strategy which incorporates the robust performance and reach of CDNetworks provides superior performance, reliability and competitive advantage. Ruedlinger sums it up best: “No matter where end users are located, they all expect high performance and a great experience. CDNetworks lets us meet that expectation in the world’s most challenging markets.”


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