Reducing latency and boosting reliability and response times with dynamic web acceleration

At a glance

Company: TuneUp Software GmbH

Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Darmstadt, Germany

Industry: Software utilities

CDN Services: Dynamic Web Acceleration

Key results

  • More than tenfold increase in data throughput rates, optimising downloads for customers
  • Enabled expansion into hard-to-reach markets in Asia and Latin America by providing seamless, timely performance
  • Allowed TuneUp to dramatically improve service by plugging into CDNetworks’ network, avoiding the cost and time issues involved in building data centres
  • Provided additional cost and time savings due to reliability and ability to deploy personnel on strategic business expansion projects
  • Lowered bounce rate and increased site “stickiness”

The first version of TuneUp Utilities was launched in 1997 by company founders Tibor Schiemann and Christoph Laumann. Since then, the company has included more utilities with each new version while broadening its reach into international markets. Already very successful in Germany by 2003, the company localised TuneUp Utilities into English, French, Dutch, and other languages in 2004.

The challenge

As the customer base grew, latency was becoming an issue for TuneUp customers located outside of Europe. “It started with feedback from customers, who began telling us that they loved the product but that download performance was slow,” explains Matthias Spörlein, Web Development and Operations Director at TuneUp. The company also recognised that just relying on the internet for the delivery of content and mission critical applications often meant risking slow performance.

With its business model based on selling over the web, the need to optimise the user experience and speed up download times is vital for existing customers within Europe. In addition, if download speeds and page loading time were starting to become an issue locally, it would certainly limit TuneUp’s international expansion, especially countries distant to its headquarters in Germany. Says Spörlein: “For an internet business, speed and latency issues can really damage sales to existing customers and are a barrier to attracting new ones. If pages fail to load in a few seconds or downloads become laborious, people won’t stick around and that just isn’t an option for us.”

The solution

Implementation followed rapidly and the TuneUp team set up internal tests to ensure that the solution’s real-life performance would fulfil the promise it had shown during the proof of concept phase. “As the solution is more or less preconfigured, we managed to implement it quickly and were surprised how easy it was. The CDNetworks team responded very quickly and efficiently to any questions that arose during implementation and testing,” says Spörlein.

Another top priority for Spörlein and his team was the global reach of the solution. “A big factor in our selection was around availability of Points of Presence (PoPs) that CDNetworks had in the regions we were selling to, particularly in emerging markets like Asia where we were seeing a spike in sales. The solution has really enhanced the user experience in all our target markets and the site’s reactivity makes it behave as if we were a local company with offices in those countries,” he adds.

The results

Spörlein has continued to measure the bounce rate. Using CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration, TuneUp’s website performance has improved to such a degree that the company started seeing much lower bounce rates immediately after implementing the CDNetworks solution.

CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration has also enabled TuneUp to realize cost and time savings, with the new solution freeing up resources internally and showing that it is reliable enough not to need much human intervention. “Taken together, these benefits mean that we can do a lot more with the site – the solution is scalable enough to cope with that,” comments Spörlein. “We’re likely to be adding new features to the site, such as blogs and an expanded PR section. These will make our site even ‘stickier’ and more interesting for users, without requiring much in the way of extra IT resources on our side,” he adds. “In terms of ensuring optimal web performance and boosting our efficiency as a team, CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration has proved to be a major benefit to TuneUp.”


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