Boosts the Performances of Italy’s Second Largest Video Entertainment Website, After YouTube, Without Changes to Infrastructure or Increased Investments in Bandwidth

At a glance


Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Industry: Media & Entertainment

CDN Services: Web Performance Suite

Key results

  • Increased website traffic by 40%
  • Reduced datacenter costs
  • Improved scalability
  • Better user experience, higher customer loyalty levels
  • Improved Google search ranking
  • Increase in advertising investments
Background is the main Italian website devoted to movies. In fact, it is second only to YouTube as the most visited video entertainment website. With 7.3 million unique users in January 2011 and an average of 4 to 6 minutes spent on the website, is a successful Italian case study in itself: one out of every six Italians regularly visits the site and stays on it for a longer-than-average time. MYmovies. it has steadily grown its audience over the past decade, and users cite their pleasure with the website based upon the completeness of its offering, the quality of its contents and the smooth, flawless user experience. To provide users with the best experience possible on the market, has always strived to deliver the highest volume of relevant content in a technologically advanced manner. This has led the site to rival its peers from Silicon Valley.

The challenge

Reaching the ambitious goal of becoming a major Internet reference portal meant underpinning with state-of-the-art technology. uses technology not for its own sake, but to always push the envelope of what is possible on the Web. constantly experiments with and implements new solutions, tools, and products. The aim is to always be improving and expanding its premium quality services, both in terms of content and the ways in which that content is accessed and used. That’s exactly why decided to develop a strategic partnership with CDNetworks and leverage CDNetworks’ Web Performance Suite.

The solution

“We searched quite a while for a scalable product able to face any kind of request on our website,” says Gianluca Guzzo, CEO of “With steady growth rates of one million unique users per year and massive traffic spikes during the Christmas holidays, our website required a robust and scalable solution.”

After an initial infrastructure assessment, thought the quickest solution to achieving better website performance would be to simply add more bandwidth. But after reviewing content delivery networks (CDN) and their value propositions, the company decided to leverage a CDN solution provider. It chose CDNetworks because of its outstanding performance guarantees and positive customer feedback.

After a one-month test phase during which CDNetworks proved itself in delivering higher performance and the ability to manage traffic at sustained peak rates, decided to implement Web Performance Suite for its entire website.

The relationship with CDNetworks, their technology, easy-to-implement solutions and their customer care soon convinced that the company had found the right partner. “Renewing our original infrastructure and widening the bandwidth would have meant higher operating costs”, says Gianluca Guzzo. “Thanks to CDNetworks, we are using the same infrastructure that we had a year ago, but we are serving a larger audience while reducing our service provider costs.”

The results

“On December 26th, 2010, more than one million people visited and all experienced superb website performance. Such performance drives return visits and customer loyalty.” “Content will always be the core of our business, but a high-performing website provides assurance to customers that they can trust us to always serve their needs. The high performance also helps us to attract new customers, because we gain the highest ranking in Google search results, and that’s free and better promotion.” Since implementing CDNetworks Web Performance Suite, traffic on has grown by 40% and continues to grow.

Plans for the future

“Working with CDNetworks has so far resulted in a faster and better performing website, an improved user experience, savings on both the infrastructure and the bandwidth provider, access to the highest quality of customer care services available on the market today, the 24/7 availability of the CDNetworks’ staff working with us. CDNetworks helped us make a faster, more reliable, website, and this is something no content provider can do without today, if it wants to succeed. In the next months we will implement other CDNetworks solutions. Their technology is state of the art and it matches exactly MYmovies’ mission and the way we do business”, concludes Gianluca Guzzo.

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