edict Egaming Saves Bandwidth & Costs Thanks to CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration

At a glance

Company: edict egaming GmbH

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany

Industry: Synchronised solutions for online gambling

Website: http://www.edict.de/

CDN Services: Content Acceleration, Cloud Storage

Key results

  • Significant reduction in transmission volumes for the operation of online casinos
  • Now use 85% less bandwidth
  • Reduced cost by 44%

edict egaming GmbH provides online gaming platforms in the B2B sector and specialises in the development and technical operation of online casino solutions and system platforms for the gaming sector. The range of products offered by edict egaming – Turnkey Solution, Casino Solution and Game Solution – have been developed and individually tailored based on cutting-edge technologies and the latest advances in the areas of player protection, money-laundering, age verification and payment and transaction security.

Until the amendment of the German Interstate Treaty on Gambling in 2008, edict egaming was the only licensed and legal provider of online casino solutions in Germany and successfully developed and provided the technical operation for the online casino systems at the Wiesbaden and Hamburg casinos. In the spring of 2008, edict was taken over by Merkur Interactive GmbH, a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group.


For legal and tax reasons, the Isle of Man is attractive to companies in the field of online gambling. However, companies there incur significant bandwidth usage costs. In the B2B sector, the billing of local Internet providers is based on actual data volumes rather than on flat rates, meaning that every megabyte transmitted is billed to the customer. On account of its ever-growing number of users, edict egaming incurred an average five-figure amount per month in bandwidth costs alone. In addition, data transmission capacity was stretched to the limit at times, particularly during peak hours. With the introduction of a powerful Content Acceleration or cloud storage system, edict sought to make a significant reduction in monthly data volume and therefore considerable savings.

The challenge

In order to find the right partner for this task, edict egaming began an extensive market analysis in January 2014, in which a total of ten potential Content Acceleration providers were surveyed. In addition to pricing and existing clients/affinities with online gambling, the selection criteria included the smooth integration into existing infrastructure as well as the flexibility of the sales and support systems.

As part of the advanced selection process, the three best providers, including CDNetworks – were invited to take part in a practice test. In order to guarantee all participants the same starting conditions, and thus maximum transparency and comparability, the data of the previous connection statistics were prepared and made available to all parties, all of whom were invited to factor in a 30% growth rate per year. The indicators were storage requirements, bandwidth, transfer volume and page impressions.

The solution

CDNetworks emerged as a clear winner from this comparative test, due to its excellent performance results, lower latencies throughout Europe and convincing support services.

The Content Acceleration and cloud storage solution implemented for edict egaming since May 2014 by CDNetworks is based on a reverse proxy functionality, which allows for a flexible definition of which content must be cached in order to save valuable transmission capacity (e.g., graphics, CSS files, etc.). The cache can be emptied manually or selectively via an API. In addition, detailed edict egaming GmbH reports on already used traffic can be retrieved via the CDN customer portal.

While CDNetworks accounts for its service every month through a transparent calculation of gigabyte data volumes, the powerful 24/7 support ensures 99.95% system availability. On the customer side, only minor interventions needed to be made in their own IT structure in the course of implementation (adjustment of various processes and scripts).

edict egaming now requires only one sixth of the originally used transmission capacity, representing a cost saving of 44% per month.

The results

Thanks to CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration system, edict egaming now enjoys far-reaching benefits on both the technological and economic fronts. For example, an average of 85% bandwidth has been saved. edict egaming now requires only one sixth of the originally used transmission capacity, representing a cost saving of 44% per month. Through its professional project management and support, valuable time and staff resources have also been saved, as a glance at the time line suggests: it took a total of only eight weeks from the evaluation of potential partners to the final go-live of CDNetworks’ solution.

Although CDNetworks did not offer the cheapest solution of all competitors, edict egaming opted to collaborate with the company due to the considerable savings produced, providing a solid foundation for growth in the long run.


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