Agent Provocateur halves website loading times globally with CDNetworks

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At a glance

Company: Agent Provocateur

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: London, UK

Industry: Retail (Premium Lingerie)


CDN Services: Content Acceleration, Cloud DNS, Cloud Storage, Dynamic Web Acceleration

Key results

  • Offloaded 80% of the  website content to CDNetworks
  • Website load times have been more than halved  to an average of 4 seconds
  • Improved the  end-user experience and grew online sales

Founded in 1994, Agent Provocateur is a premium British lingerie retailer with over 60 stores in 13 countries, including Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Kuwait and China. Famous for its luxury underwear, the company also sells sleepwear, hosiery, swimwear, clothes and accessories. More recently it expanded to include a fragrance line plus a selection of beauty products and cosmetics.

The luxury lingerie retailer embarked on an aggressive growth plan 6 years ago and as it expanded its global online footprint, site latency was fast becoming an issue. Customers outside the UK and in particular those in the US, China and Australia, found that localised webpages were taking too long to load– a problem that was made worse during peak shopping times, especially during sales when tens of thousands of customers flock to the  website to hunt for bargains.

The challenge

Although a truly global brand, Agent Provocateur’s operations are UK based, making it difficult to provide customers around the world with a consistent online shopping experience. The British retailer realised that in order to attract new customers and grow in its key target markets, it needed to ensure that it wasn’t compromising on its website performance.

A spokesperson from Agent Provocateur explained:, “Outside of the UK, the website would take double the time to load. This was unacceptable. We were losing potential revenue as frustrated site visitors were unable to view the items and complete their online purchases. We needed to improve our website load times in order to improve the end user experience. Ultimately with an image-rich site like ours, your options are limited. Deploying multiple locally hosted sites would be too complicated and require significant resources. We decided a content delivery network partner would provide us with the best solution.”

The solution

After reviewing a number of solutions from key competitors, Agent Provocateur chose CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration, Dynamic Web Acceleration, Cloud Storage and Cloud DNS services to run multiple sites globally from a single location. “We needed a reliable partner who could provide us with a simple tailored solution and who had expertise in the Asia Pacific region,” said a spokesperson from Agent Provocateur. “We were impressed with the technical knowledge demonstrated by CDNetworks and found the solution was easy to understand and would support our future expansion plans.”

The results

Agent Provocateur has offloaded 80% of the website content to CDNetworks, to accelerate website performance globally. By delivering images from edge servers across various locations, the website load times have more than halved. As a result, on average it takes 4 seconds for web pages to fully load, thereby improving the end-user experience and growing the company’s global online sales. In addition, the service ensures website availability by minimising the risk of disruption and downtime.

CDNetworks is also best placed to help Agent Provocateur break into the Chinese market, with the China Acceleration solution. As well as providing a robust content distribution infrastructure across 25 PoPs in mainland China, the British lingerie retailer will also benefit from CDNetworks’ vast experience and strong knowledge of the local market, including strict content regulations.

Agent Provocateur concluded, “CDNetworks has provided us with phenomenal support from day one, working closely with our in-house team to provide us with detailed solutions to the challenges we face. The team is quick to respond and consistently give valuable recommendations for how we can improve our service. With CDNetworks we are confident that our website will perform optimally throughout the world.”


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