100% Content Availability 

Deliver your video on demand content to a global audience with 100% availability

Using CDNetworks' Video on Demand Acceleration, you can deliver high-quality video on demand anywhere on any device. It's that simple.

Our transcoding features ensure optimal bit rates and resolution for specific network and device applications. It provides packaging for multiple platforms from on single content source.

CDNetworks' On Demand Acceleration solution provides granular bandwidth and throttle control to fine tune configurations based on business strategy and performance needs so you can broadcast a fast, reliable, single video stream to many users, optimized for 4K UHD video stream delivery to a global audience. 

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Features & Benefits

IP multicast technology supports TCP-based and UDP-based client transmission. This reduces traffic and broadcasting costs while improving your video stream performance.

Using HTTP progressive media download, your viewers can start playing your video instantly. Our "seeking" (pseudo streaming) feature enables viewers to play a video from any point, before it has downloaded.

Viewers can watch stream videos on a wide variety of devices. We optimize your content for delivery across all devices, providing the best quality stream without buffering or slow start times.

Proprietary data transfer protocol delivers the highest quality video streams at high speed to OTT devices. We also use parallel data transmission technology to reduce video stream transfer delays.

Our global network of over 650 edge nodes are strategically located to ensure that your video content is close to your viewers. We manage over 50 Tbps of traffic to meet the unique demands of a global audience.


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