Fast, high-quality media delivery for an unparalleled user experience

Efficient and cost-effective media delivery to users around the globe

CDNetworks’ media acceleration CDN service provides businesses with the tools to efficiently manage the fast, high quality delivery of media. Together, our integrated content management system and business analytics tools ensure you deliver the best possible media-rich experience to users around the world.

  • Flexible and scalable media delivery
  • High-performing with seamless reliability
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Personalized 24/7 customer support

Our strategically-built global network of PoPs has been designed to accelerate the delivery of media and video content anywhere in the world, regardless of network conditions or dramatic fluctuations in demand. Our global presence not only ensures that our media servers are close to your viewers, reducing buffering and delays, but it also allows you to ease the load on your media and web servers. CDNetworks’ media acceleration solution supports all media formats, ensuring you reach 100% of your target audience, as well as supports a host of 3rd party video players and online video platforms, allowing you to choose or customize your own video streaming solution.

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Features & Benefits

Our media acceleration solution supports Flash Adobe Dynamic HTTP Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming, as well as progressive download. By supporting all top media formats, we ensure you reach 100% of your target audience

With geo-blocking and authentication, we enable you to allow or deny content based on your specific business needs

We can pull content directly from our customer’s origins, so there is no need for you to upload content directly to CDNetworks. By leveraging our global network, we can ease the load of your media and web servers 

With media servers located close to your viewers, our media acceleration service reduces buffering and delays and ensures a high quality viewing experience

Our administration and reporting analytics provides you with real-time and historic data, allowing you to make intelligent business decisions, track customer behavior and trends and help you better target your audience

Our media acceleration solution allows you to send raw-logs via FTP to a customer designated server, providing custom analytics or integration into third party applications

Full interactivity with third party players and online video platforms means you can either use a standard media player or customize your own for a solution tailored specifically to your viewing audience

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