Ultra-low latency for interactive engagement

Live stream with less than 1 second latency

Multi-protocol conversions allow an interactive live video stream to be optimized for different devices. Given that many applications for video streaming are based on numerous mobile and desktop platforms, multi-protocol conversion provides the best user experience for any device.

CDNetworks supports push and pull mode for interactive live video streams. 

Push Mode

An interactive live stream is pushed from the broadcaster to CDNetworks via customer origin server or third-party origin server. Traditionally, an interactive live stream is pushed using RTMP.

Pull Mode

The interactive live video stream file(s) are pulled to the broadcaster from CDNetworks, when there are multiple broadcasters.

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Need ultra-low latency for interactive live streaming?
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Features & Benefits

Interact with a live stream in real time. With less than 1 second latency, we provide seamless interactive experiences for viewers and broadcasters

Ensure viewers have the best experience by delivering a live stream they can access instantly with less than 400 ms stream load time

Traffic analysis to optimize the delivery of interactive streams so that performance is maintained, even with high levels of traffic

Overcome challenges of delivering multi-dimensional content for interactive live streams using VR, AR, or 360-degree cameras


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