Transfer your data 100x faster

Send and receive long distance data between multiple locations with no client software needed

Most high-speed data transfer solutions in the market are software-only solutions. HDT does not require software installation; it combines the unique technologies of proprietary softwareand our global content delivery platform, providing customers with better performance, reliability, and convenience.

CDNetworks' HDT solution enables you to receive files from multiple sources and send files to multiple destinations simultaneously, including the ability to send and receive unlimited file sizes between global locations.

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Want to transfer data 100x faster?
Contact us to learn how we send large and small files across the globe

Features & Benefits

Using proprietary UDP-based packet transfer technology, you can transfer large files up to 100x faster than conventional protocols, such as FTP and HTTP.

Transfer large files internationally up to 100x faster. Smart routing identifies the fastest path with the highest success transfer rate in real time. It instantly collects all routing information & network traffic data on our global network to run the optimal path analysis.

Sharing data with customers or remote teams can require quick and efficient exchange of large amounts of data between multiple locations. We ensure your files can be transferred to single or multiple locations, improving your process efficiency.

Our high-speed data transfer solution supports multiple simultaneous file transfers with any file size. We also support all conventional file transfer applications, such as SFTP, FTP, & SSH.


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