Accelerate TCP network traffic

Non-intrusive acceleration of browser and non-browser network traffic

Dynamic Network Acceleration enables better performance of applications that rely on network speed, whether browser-based or non-browser-based, without inspecting the data packets. By connecting to a local point of presence, users can enjoy a faster, more reliable, more consistent performance.

  • Pushes non-browser-based data such as pricing engines
  • Speeds up Citrix, virtual machines and other non standard web protocol traffic for faster access to applications and content
  • Offloads and accelerates SSL VPN installations

Dynamic Network Acceleration works by eliminating the need for data to make excessive round trips through network elements, thanks to the protocol overhead of TCP. Instead, data packets are passed through the network ‘as-is’, without decoding. As middle-mile routing and decoding will typically account for 95% of an application's response time, this drastically reduces responsiveness.

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Features & Benefits

Standards compliant TCP protocol using the latest TCP advances for speedy transport

Optimized TCP layer supports any application, whether browser-based or a standalone app

Algorithm-based load balancing infrastructure, managing routing and distribution for the best middle-mile performance

Networking techniques reduce packet loss and congestion, plus massively reduce lag time during 'handshake process'

System and hardware-level policies prohibit caching of SSL certificates

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