Web Performance Monitoring and Management

CDNetworks’ self-service Cloud Portal is available for customers from most any device including mobile (Apple iOS and Android) and PC (Mac OS, Windows). The Portal is designed to give you control over your content delivery network services as well as track and report on usage metrics. All services can be managed directly from the Portal, including creating new PAD/domains and purging content.

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The reporting and business analytics provides details that allow you to drill into specifics and determine: views, transfers, bandwidth, visitors, etc. Both historical and real-time data is available as is the ability to export to popular formats.

CDNetworks is known throughout the industry for our extensive web performance monitoring and reporting capabilities. Our reports provide detailed, real-time monitoring of all your content, enabling you to easily track your customer’s behavior and trends. Features include a user-customized dashboard, downloadable log files, and in-depth geographical intelligence. Granular user management allows companies with many domains and reseller partners to precisely manage who sees usage and traffic reporting for each domain or customer.


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Features & Benefits

21 POPs in Mainland China and growing. This complements our 200 POPs located across 6 continents that provide a global capacity of more than 3.7 Tbps

Precisely manage who sees usage and traffic reporting for each domain or customer

Easy access to statistics and monitoring on Traffic, Visitors, and Content

HTTPS access to the Portal ensures safety and security of your changes and reports

Manage and edit PAD/domains, content purge requests, re-write rules, validation rules, and more, directly from the Portal

Graphical and table reports with export, filtering and date range selection, for service groups, are available on:

Shows network transfer

  • Peak Hits – Shows maximum hits per timeframe selected
  • Network Traffic – Shows network bandwidth
  • Visitors – Shows unique visitors over the selected timeframe
  • Success/Fail Hits – Shows the number of successful and failed hits
  • Return Code Hits – Shows the return value of content requests
  • Visitor Geography – Shows country and continent metrics
  • Client Information – Shows client IP connection speed category
  • Page Views – Shows number of page views over the selected timeframe
  • Content – Shows top directory and file based content

Real-time web performance monitoring is available by PAD/domain, showing cache hit and server and client bandwidth for Static and Dynamic Content Acceleration

Reports can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, delivered directly to your email inbox

A customizable overview screen that shows bandwidth, data transferred, peak hits, unique visitors in a single screen that allows for detailed drill-down

Our full suite of reporting and analytics tools for real-time monitoring and historical data mining capabilities, enabling you to make important and timely business decisions


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