Optimize your images for a fast user experience

Cloud Image Manager helps you improve image rendering for any device

CDNetworks Cloud Image Optimization automatically optimizes images and renders websites to deliver the best quality possible, regardless of the device.  It supports websites using responsive design or dynamic serving, and ensures a fast user experience whether accessed on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Streamlined image storage
  • Easy cross-device optimization of images
  • Reduced site maintenance and authoring time





CDNetworks Product Image Cloud Image Optimization
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Allows you to change the width and height parameters of the image

Crops excess image data outside the width and height boundaries after scaling

The quality parameter allows for specifying the quality of the image. Decreasing the quality parameter will reduce the file size

Allows watermarking with an image and alpha value

Sets the angle to rotate the image counter clockwise N degrees

Increases the image sharpness

Provides the most optimized format supported by the client

The device pixel ratio is used to specify the correct device pixel density. This will allow implementing the correct density on a variety of devices, such as Apple Retina displays and Android devices

Filters apply various effects to images. CIO offers 20 different filters


Crops out image data around any faces detected in the image


Entropy crop will find and return the most interesting features of the source image, cropping out less important areas


jpeg, png, webp, gif, tiff, bmp

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