Globally distributed cloud-based DNS management

Cloud-based DNS for enterprises, ensuring your website is always reachable

CDNetworks offers a managed, cloud-based, authoritative and global DNS service, that ensures websites can be reached, and reached quickly.

  • User portal with advanced management and control features
  • Ensures DNS security, protecting against spoofing and cache poisoning
  • Always available thanks to built-in redundancy
  • Fast responses across the globe
  • User-friendly, intuitive set-up and management

The CDNetworks managed Cloud DNS service is purpose-built for enterprises. It is proven to ensure that enterprise websites are always quickly accessible from anywhere in the world, are securied against spoofing and DDoS attacks, and that any DNS changes are propagated throughout the world in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or even days.

CDNetworks' Managed Cloud DNS ensures that your website always displays up-to-date data in near real-time through a globally-distributed platform with over 40 strategic locations worldwide. These multiple locations provide built-in redundancy and DDoS protection, so DNS queries can always be answered with correct information. 

Intelligent routing using IP Anycase directs DNS queries to the closest topological location, cutting down the time to reach the site.

CDNetworks' Managed Cloud DNS can seamlessly scale up to an unlimited number of domains and queries. Any changes or additions to the DNS configuration are validated by the Cloud DNS server to avoid any downtime caused by user error.

CDNetworks supports zone transfers using the standard zone transfer protocol.

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Features & Benefits

DNS administration is simple with a web-based portal and near real-time propagation of DNS data giving unparalleled insight  into DNS traffic - without additional cost

DNS records are updated across the globe in a matter of minutes, rather than hours

DNS queries are directed to the nearest geographical location, unsuring speedy response times

Distributed service ensures quick DNS resolution and resiliency

Protection against external threats such as DDoS attacks and internal threats including administrative error - thanks to a distributed architecture, zone transfers, and a secure testing environment

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