Web performance testing

Reviewing past performance levels

Consider first how your site has performed in the past. Has it experienced spikes and prevailed? Has it crashed? Take a deep look into what impacts your ecommerce site experience and what could be causing lags and delayed transactions.

Monitoring site response times and speed

How fast does your site respond and load? Does it lag significantly when accessed from different geographical regions? If you sell internationally, how fast does it load in Europe? China? Russia? 
Initiate several test transactions to get an idea on what adjustments may need to be made to improve load time and responsiveness. Are there too many data-intense image and media files, too many scripts to load, or any other elements that could be impacting that site speed?

Running load tests:

A load test examines the basic metrics about your site (you could try this one by Media4X, but there are several good ones out there). Load tests provide data on the total number of page elements, size of files required to download the page, a rundown of site images, status of HTML and CSS code, and more. It gives you a detailed checkup of how site components are functioning and working together. Better yet, load tests can provide recommendations on better optimizing performance.

Putting a content delivery network (CDN) to the test

No matter if you're already employing a CDN or if you're still considering to use one, a comparison test will provide you with valuable insights. The web performance test can show you the difference in performance when delivering from your origin server vs. using the potential CDN provider. It can also compare different CDN providers. 

CDNetworks uses renowned, independent third-party performance monitoring companies. Get in touch to discuss your free web performance test. 

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