Interactivity and trip planning tools for consumers worldwide.

Slow Site Performance Hurts Travel Bookings

Online consumers demand deeper insights about destinations when browsing for travel and booking their reservations, but have little patience for slow-performing websites.


As each second passes, consumers abandon slow travel & tourism sites. In fact, 78 percent of consumers reported switching to a competitor’s site due to poor web performance at peak times. Site downtime makes matters even worse. Just 2 percent downtime leads to $800,000 of lost revenue per year for a travel site with bookings of $100,000 per day.

CDN for travel websites

Faster Travel Bookings Drive Success

CDNetworks makes the entire travel booking process faster. Leveraging our cloud-based solutions that accelerate dynamic applications throughout the globe, travel & tourism organizations provide more interactivity and trip planning tools to consumers worldwide. The results ─ customers stay engaged, remain loyal, and book more travel than ever before.

Some of the world’s busiest travel booking sites have chosen CDNetworks to achieve their performance goals, including:

  • Gaining a global CDN presence to reach 99 percent of the world in just a few milliseconds
  • Scaling applications and websites with little pre-planning and no additional CapEx
  • Managing massive and unexpected traffic spikes due to special marketing campaigns and/or sudden distributed denial of service attacks

Superior Travel Booking Experiences to More of the World

The CDNetworks Web Performance Suite for Travel & Tourism delivers the most optimal travel booking experience to consumers and travelers anywhere in the world. No matter which booking engine, commerce platform, or media composition a website uses, CDNetworks has been designed to maximize the site’s performance, reliability, and scalability. This gives Travel & Tourism organizations the confidence to penetrate new markets with the most engaging and immersive travel shopping applications available.

Maximizing online revenue is much easier with the CDNetworks Web Performance Suite for Travel & Tourism. The following specific features and benefits make us the choice of industry leaders pursuing global markets.

Features & Benefits

Dynamic Web Acceleration

Using advanced application acceleration technologies, CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration optimizes the Internet middle mile, enabling an unparalleled end-user experience. Because our proven web performance technologies reduce the number of data round-trips necessary to complete a web request – even for dynamic content – they accelerate application performance and improve the end-user experience. 

Dynamic Network Acceleration

CDNetworks Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) simultaneously ensures data integrity and security while optimizing the speed of travel site applications. To achieve this, DNA reduces the number of round-trip connections made between dynamic applications and the consumers accessing them. Additionally, DNA speeds an application’s data packets through the network in their “as-is” state without decoding them. The end result is a more secure travel booking experience at 10 times ordinary performance levels.

Global Network


CDNetworks stands alone as the only global CDN with a significant presence in the world’s most complex and challenging markets, including China. This enables Travel & Tourism organization to offer the most immersive browsing and booking experiences to 99 percent of the world, without worrying about site abandonment. 

Intelligent Load Balancing

The CDNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer gives travel websites ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. You can dynamically scale and sustain performance levels, even during massive and unexpected traffic surges. At the same time, you can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and your end-user targets. This empowers you to react to conditions specific to your market, while never compromising on availability, application performance, and operational efficiency. 

Cloud DNS

Without the Domain Name System (DNS), online visitors cannot reach your website. CDNetworks’ Cloud DNS is the most authoritative global DNS network that ensures faster access to your travel and tourism site and 100 percent uptime. As you penetrate more markets globally, there is no need to build and maintain complex network and system infrastructure for your ecommerce site(s). You can leave the DNS to us and focus on growing your core business.

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