Global Acceleration of Software Delivery

High-Performance Software Delivery is Costly

Technology companies must deliver their software to online users as fast and reliably as possible to remain competitive. Unfortunately, standard Internet protocols do not allow for consistent, high-performance software delivery to a global audience.


The result ─ organizations incur huge expenses to build out their own infrastructure to support the logistics of distributing software and updates. While this option is unattractive, you must act to ensure fast software delivery to avoid damage to your brand and revenue stream caused by lower customer satisfaction.

Global ecommerce CDN

Global Acceleration of Software Delivery

CDNetworks’ content acceleration and dynamic acceleration solutions have been designed to speed software and application delivery.  Additionally, our global software delivery network combines cloud-based CDN, storage, DNS, and intelligent load balancing to ensure your software and applications reach 99 percent of users around the world ─ in just milliseconds.

Leading software and technology companies leverage CDNetworks to handle the ‘delivering’ aspect of their software delivery operations. This frees their people to focus on core business needs, such as improving the user experience, meeting deadlines, and eliminating bugs. From a strategic standpoint, they can use CDNetworks to:

  • Scale software delivery to any size audience, without spending on additional CapEx
  • Speed software delivery and avoid latency caused by standard Internet protocols
  • Penetrate new markets to grow the business

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A Purpose-Built Network for Fast Software Delivery

Your organization doesn’t need to spend massive amounts of money to build out Web infrastructure to overcome the bad connectivity, slow speeds, and random public Internet issues that slow software delivery worldwide. The CDNetworks global software delivery network optimizes software delivery performance for you. Hundreds of companies leverage CDNetworks’ global footprint to quickly and securely deliver their software to users anywhere in the world, even in the most challenging environments.

The following specific features and benefits ensure software and technology companies optimize software delivery performance in the most cost-efficient manner possible:

Features & Benefits

Global CDN

CDNetworks stands alone as the only truly global CDN that also has a significant presence in the world’s most challenging markets, including Russia and China. This enables software and technology providers to speed their application and software delivery to customers in 99 percent of the world ─ in just milliseconds. 

Cloud Storage


The CDNetworks managed cloud-based storage service is natively integrated with our software acceleration solutions. As such, you gain flexible storage options that are scalable, high performance, secure, and fault tolerant. Just like our global CDN, this multi-terabyte storage network provides instantly scalable resources at locations across the globe. 

Intelligent Load Balancing

The CDNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer provides ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. Dynamically scale and sustain software and application delivery performance levels, even during unexpected surges in user requests. At the same time, you can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and your end-user targets. This empowers you to react to any conditions while never compromising on operational efficiency, availability, and download and application performance. 

Cloud DNS

Without the Domain Name System (DNS), online visitors cannot reach your website. CDNetworks’  Cloud DNS is the most authoritative Global DNS network that ensures faster access to your site and 100 percent uptime. As you penetrate more markets globally, there is no need to build and maintain complex network and system infrastructure for your software download site(s). With CDNetworks accelerating and managing your DNS, you can focus more resources on growing your core business.

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