Secure and fast global access to manufacturing applications for supply chain partners and remote employees

Don’t Let Internet Latency and Security Flaws Destroy Your Global Strategy

Despite improvements in global online connectivity, latency and security remain a major performance inhibitor for accessing applications over the public internet. In fact, applications originating in Western European and US data centers often ‘time out’ before downloading to users in the rest of the world. With CDNetworks Cloud Security, manufacturers can accelerate ERP applications and securely share them with partners, customers, and remote employees around the world including China, Asia, Mexico, South America and all points in between.

CDN for manufacturing websites


Today, more than ever, manufacturing companies must remove the barriers to global enterprise communications in order to support product innovation and a globally dispersed workforce. Manufacturers face communications challenges presented by the internet and the need to streamline collaboration with, and between, globally dispersed customers, employees, supply chains and value chains.


Clearly, cloud-based delivery must be secure and fast to ensure that products receive new features and functionality quickly and with predictably high success. Many enterprises, not just manufacturers, will need to take part in cloud-based communications and cloud security in order to operate, service, update and enhance products from anywhere to anywhere. CDNetworks’ Enterprise Application Security provides a “zero trust” CDN solution, protecting applications and data while providing a fast, efficient user experience on CDNetworks’ global CDN.

Features & Benefits


Browser-based manufacturing application acceleration over 200 PoPs globally and in emerging markets. Eliminates the inherent delays and latencies of the internet and improves the speed of enterprise applications.

Cloud Security

Global employees and supply chain partners can securely access applications with multiple layers of application security, including:

  • Application access controls
  • Encryption
  • WAN optimization
  • Two factor and multi-factor authentication
  • Dynamic CSRF tokens


China Acceleration


With 21 POPs in Mainland China and growing, CDNetworks accelerates and facilitates communication between global manufacturers and partners in China and throughout Asia.

Auditing and Reporting

  • Single cloud-based management portal for detailed audit, visibility, control, and reporting.
  • Per application load reporting.
  • Access activity reporting for each application.
  • Management activity reporting.
  • Searchable and downloadable log reports.
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