Execute trades as fast as possible, regardless of location.

Latency of Forex Trading Erodes Transaction Revenue

Across the world, online traders demand 100 percent reliability and ultra-low latency from their forex trading sites. Whether trading stocks, currencies, or commodities, only superior reliability and responsiveness can ensure the execution of trades at the right time and the right price.

When an forex trading platform experiences downtime or delays ─ even just milliseconds ─ traders suffer huge losses and quickly abandon the platform, never to return. The result? Trading platforms with poor online performance are losing millions of dollars per day while their customer base dwindles.

CDN for Forex Acceleration

Accelerate Forex Trading

CDNetworks accelerates online trading around the world so that trades execute as fast as possible, no matter where the trader resides. Our high-speed global network and dynamic web acceleration solutions provide traders on six continents with the most responsive, reliable, and secure online experience possible. This kind of superior web performance is an essential element of trading success.

Traders of commodities, ForEx, and stocks benefit from low latency that is built into the CDNetworks infrastructure. For this reason, online trading sites and platforms rely on CDNetworks to speed their time–sensitive transactions. We help them achieve their platform and site performance goals, including:

  • Gaining a global CDN presence to reach 99 percent of the world in just a few milliseconds
  • Scaling trading applications without spending on additional CapEx
  • Managing spikes in both predicted and unforeseen trade volume
  • Minimizing trade latency in new and challenging markets

Superior Trade Execution to More of the World

CDNetworks solutions accelerate the busiest online trading sites around the world, even in the most challenging markets and environments. Whether serving ForEx traders in China or commodities traders in the Middle East, we ensure a streamlined trading experience by drastically reducing Internet latency.

Maintaining customer loyalty through better performance, reliability, and security is easier with CDNetworks acceleration solutions for forex trading. We deliver the following features and benefits that make us the premiere provider for financial industry leaders:

Features & Benefits

Dynamic Web Acceleration

Using advanced application acceleration technologies, the CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration solution optimizes the Internet middle mile, significantly reducing internet latency over long distances. Moreover, our proven web performance technologies reduce the data round-trips necessary to complete a trade, accelerating execution windows to meet stringent trader demands. 

PCI Certified

CDNetworks is  PCI certified. This means CDNetworks adheres to the technical requirements of PCI standards regarding system-level and application-level policies, including log data centralization, monitoring, and reporting for security and audit purposes. forex trading sites benefit with the fastest path to trade execution possible at the highest level of security standards compliance. 

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Cloud Security

At CDNetworks, we have implemented a four-pronged security stance throughout our CDN infrastructure, which includes the following core elements:

  • Cloud DDoS Protection: Protection of websites via distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation; CDN delivery in front of origin servers; and proactive site monitoring and alerting.
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  • High Availability: Cloud-based delivery of robust site and trading application functionality in a high-performance manner. 
  • Data Security: Protection of an organization’s data, and that of its customers, by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, such as PCI compliance, secure socket layer, and digital rights management. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Enhancement of CDN infrastructure and services to support industry and governmental standards for managing and protecting consumers’ personal and financial data.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The CDNetworks infrastructure enables a trading site to securely deliver financial data and related content via an encrypted secure socket layer (SSL) channel. This minimizes the exposure of traders’ data, an important aspect of gaining their trust and loyalty.

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