Accelerate the delivery of your educational content

Online education content is increasingly rich - videos, interactive content, live streaming seminars and lectures, and more.

This dynamic content, delivered over a sub-standard network, simply wouldn’t work.

Whether it is educating a classroom of students or on an individual basis, slow load speeds mean a poor user experience.

This is inhibitive to the learning process and in this competitive market, users will simply look elsewhere. 

CDNetworks accelerates the delivery of content to ensure your educational websites can perform and offer an unparalleled user experience.

CDN for education websites

Optimised online learning experience

Educational websites, by nature, have a variety of interactive features to help and support the learning process. CDNetworks improves website performance worldwide, accelerating the delivery of dynamic and interactive features such as search, cart, availability and pricing. 

Cloud security for education websites

Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, are experiencing cyber-attacks on an almost daily basis, and education is far from immune from cyber attacks, hijacking, business abuse and DDoS attacks. We deploy a range of security measures to protect your business, including Cloud DDoS protection and DNS protection, behavioural web application firewalls, bot mitigation and IP reputation filtering.

Reach students and teachers in China

CDNetworks provides CDN infrastructure and has staff in mainland China. Delivering full scalability, reliability, and high performing content and applications to China, we ensure your educational content can reach users in this hard to access market.

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