Accelerate BMC® Remedy with CDNetworks

BMC is a global leader in enterprise solutions for IT organizations. CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration solution reliably accelerates BMC Remedy by turning the internet into a secure, high-performing application delivery network. CDNetworks helps accelerate application performance and further ensures availability of mission-critical enterprise data for customers running BMC Remedy solutions.

As the only content delivery network BMC Software TAP Premier Partner, CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration helps Remedy OnDemand customers meet service level agreements (SLAs) and keep their customers and employees operational. CDNetworks provides acceleration for Remedy via a cloud based architecture that includes static and dynamic content acceleration, network acceleration, Domain Name Service (DNS), load balancing, and cloud storage. CDNetworks’ distributed network also adds a layer of security and protection from vulnerability with global SSL support, traffic monitoring, and DDoS protection.

After BMC and CDNetworks conducted in-depth testing, the Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA) solution was proven to improve internet performance between the cloud based BMC Remedy OnDemand installation in Texas and remote end users, as well as its stability, reliability, and security.

Dynamic Web Acceleration

DWA and DNA improve internet performance for customer websites and applications by accelerating the “middle mile”, which is typically the longest network distance that data must travel between users and the customer datacenter. One cluster of servers (the “shield”) is close to the customer datacenter, while a second cluster of servers (the “edge”) is close to a given end user. Because CDNetworks has a globally distributed network of DWA servers, the edge is never far from any individual end user who accesses the website or application. The connection between shield and edge uses a number of protocol optimizations that dramatically improve performance over the public internet, thereby improving user experience in areas of availability, reliability, and speed.

Testing Methodology

Third-party testing tools were used, including Compuware Gomez, showing results that help accelerate BMC Remedy with an origin in Texas. Results included:

54% improvement when reaching Asia-Pacific Performance
44% improvement when reaching Europe and Russia

Testing Results

Testing Parameters

In depth testing on Remedy’s global web performance was conducted as a collaboration between BMC and CDNetworks technical teams. An instance of the BMC help desk tool was hosted in Texas and delivered throughout the world on CDNetworks’ application delivery network. The test landscape was set up to resemble an on-premise data center used for hosting BMC’s cloud infrastructure.  We tested performance of the BMC OnDemand Management console after login with traffic going directly to the origin in Texas.  Then we tested running BMC Remedy on CDNetworks with 140 global points of presence.

Both formats of the test were conducted on various simulated business scenarios, across multiple test agents placed around the globe.


Testing Results

The compilation and comparison of performance metrics between delivering Remedy from the Texas-based origin and from CDNetworks’ global network showed a 54% improvement  in Asia Pacific performance and 44% improvement in Europe and Russia. Performance gains were realized in all countries, with more marked effects in more remote regions such as Russia and China.

Performance results were measured with Compuware Gomez® using their 150,000+ backbone and last-mile testing locations across 160+ countries and 2,500+ ISPs. The test was configured to run hourly and compared functionality, performance, and reliability of BMC Remedy OnDemand with and without the DWA service.

To learn more about the BMC Remedy Performance Test, download the white paper.


Using Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA) with BMC Remedy not only yields dramatic improvements in performance, but also increases the effective load that the BMC Remedy installation can handle, while eliminating the errors that are otherwise introduced by connecting over the public internet. For mission-critical applications, reliable, fast connections are, like the applications themselves, mission-critical. CDNetworks DWA is able to deliver precisely that for your BMC Remedy installation.

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