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Every day, more and more users around the world interact and share information, images, videos, links, and games over the Internet. With so much rich, heavy content exchanged and shared every day, guaranteeing fast delivery to globally dispersed site visitors is no small feat. CDNetworks will provide a tailored CDN solution to ensure efficient web performance for your global audience.

We understand that end-users have a low tolerance for slow connections and disconnects. Your site must respond at the speed of the Internet to be successful, and that speed is getting faster every day. CDNetworks provides the fastest, leanest, most efficient, and cost-effective CDN services on the market.

With nearly a decade of experience, we ensure your site is highly responsive and your content is delivered consistently and efficiently to consumers and businesses around the world. CDNetworks’ CDN services guarantee optimized web application performance and fast website speeds by accelerating the display of everything from information queries to large images and rich content. This significantly improves the stability of your site and reduces the load on your web servers.

Expand Quickly and Cost Effectively

Are you ready to reach out to an international audience? CDNetworks provides web application performance solutions around the world, helping you expand without the expense and management oversight of building out your own data center. CDNetworks is not just for large multi-national organizations. In fact, startups and regional groups find working with CDNetworks much less expensive than in-house provisioning and management of server systems. With performance-on-demand, CDNetworks enhances content delivery speed and reliability while absorbing any traffic surges and peak load demands.

CDNetworks’ application delivery networking (ADN) and CDN services are both complemented with flexible business models to meet your needs. You can rely on our application performance management solutions to take away the headaches and expenses of managing content delivery—so you can focus on what your business does best.

Global Experience. Local Support.

At CDNetworks, our top priority is providing exceptional customer service to you and to your end users. We offer leading CDN technology and unmatched, around-the-clock, worldwide customer support 24/7/365. Our support teams, staffed with technical experts, work at one of three Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in California, Korea, and Japan. They relentlessly monitor and manage network traffic at our 140+ full-service Points of Presence (POP) server locations around the globe. They are available to assist you no matter when or from where you call or email.

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