March 19, 2013

Outfit7 Extends Global Fun with CDNetworks

Mobile application developer improves customer experience, slashes download speeds and extends global reach with content delivery network

Outfit7, global developer of interactive mobile applications and games, has selected CDNetworks, the only multinational content delivery network with local expertise and infrastructure in China, to deliver its hugely popular Talking Friends applications to customers across the globe.

“We picked CDNetworks as our preferred content delivery network provider because it has strong expertise and can deliver a high level of service in our target markets – in particular China, where there is a large number of smartphone devices,” said Luka Renko, VP of technology at Outfit7. “Using CDNetworks has improved our customers experience twenty fold, with a typical download now taking less than 30 seconds to install, compared to the five minutes experienced before.”

Founded in 2009, Outfit7 is best known for its Talking Tom mobile application which proved to be a phenomenal success when it launched globally in July 2010. Today Outfit7 has more than ten talking characters, 170 million active users a month and has exceeded 800 million user downloads. With 65 staff in headquarters in Cyprus and subsidiaries throughout the US, Asia and Europe, including the UK, the company has established a globally recognised brand.

Outfit7 was previously using a US only based cloud storage service in order to deliver the applications and relevant downloads to its customers. However, with the company experiencing rapid growth in users and subsequent downloads in China, Brazil, India and Russia, users in those growth markets were plagued with slow download speeds and dropped connectivity, resulting in widespread dissatisfaction. In order to optimise performance, improve customer experience and extend its global reach, Outfit7 needed a content delivery network with infrastructure and expertise in those countries.

After careful evaluation, Outfit 7 selected CDNetworks over the competition. The Outfit7 team was really impressed with CDNetworks performance tests, technical support, smooth service delivery and flexibility.

Jeff Kim, President & COO, Americas/EMEA at CDNetworks, said, “Our local expertise and Points of Presence means we are well positioned to help companies such as Outfit7 reach a truly global audience. Download speeds and reliable connectivity are crucial when it comes to mobile applications. With so much choice available to customers, a slow download or dropped connectivity will often result in a lost customer. With CDNetworks, Outfit7 can offer its customers an excellent user experience.”

About Outfit7

With over 170 million monthly active users since its first app launch in July 2010 and over 800 million downloads to date, Outfit7 is one of the world’s fastest growing mobile entertainment networks. Its Talking Friends collection has become an entertainment phenomenon with the characters featured on ABC’s Modern Family as well as NBC’s Today Show. There are 14 characters in the Talking Friends collection including Talking Tom Cat, Talking Angela and Talking Ginger. Each of the Talking Friends apps features a unique and fully animated 3D character that comes to life when poked, tickled, and played with on mobile touch-screen devices for the iOS and Android platforms. The interactive characters can engage in friendly two-way conversations about their inner emotions with users or repeat things users say to them and customized videos of interactions with the characters can be shared via Facebook, YouTube or email.

Outfit7 is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus with subsidiaries in Palo Alto, USA; London, England; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Seoul, South Korea.