April 12, 2015

Inet reduced latency time thanks to CDNetworks

As a global TMS provider, stability when using the TMS and an efficient service are of exceptional importance to us. While internet technology has made huge progress in recent years in terms of availability and broadband, it was not possible to change the decisive factor of the latency time. The latency time is determined by the length of the physical cables and therefore the time that the data packages require to reach the recipient. To reduce the latency time, inet has recently started to use the services of the Content Distribution Network provider CDNetworks.

By minimizing the data round-trips, with the “Dynamic Web Accelerator”, CDNetworks is improving the performance and stability of internet data traffic – independently of the point in time of access. Additionally, by optimizing the data transfer protocol, a faster and more stable transfer of the data can be guaranteed.

Since the distance from the client to the server is the decisive criterion for the latency time, we have started with the customers who operate the TMS from Asia. Specifically, we have started with customers who access the TMS from China. So far, we have been very impressed by the noticeable improvements that we have seen on location.

“The special advantage of CDNetworks is that you have stable and high performance access on a basis that is independent of time and location. At time of especially “high loads” in Europe, our customers in China are now enjoying access speeds that are two to three times faster,” enthused Service Delivery Manager Thomas Abbrederis.