Protect web applications using our signature-based firewall with integrated CDN

24/7 monitoring protects web applications from attacks and vulnerabilities

CDNetworks web application firewall (WAF) technology provides 24/7 managed monitoring to protect web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks. Integrated with our global CDN, our multi-layered WAF technology guarantees a secure and high performing web experience.

  • Signature-based WAF with supervised machine learning algorithm and big data cybersecurity engine
  • Stops layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks including DDoS, SQL injections, spam and scraping, only accepting traffic from known IP ranges
  • 24/7 managed security operation teams watching and monitoring traffic
  • Intuitive self-service control center

CDNetworks’ WAF solution is built on a two-tiered model and uses signature-based data to detect anomalies and block malicious bots and high-risk sessions. Operation teams watch and monitor traffic 24x7x365 while the control center offers a intuitive way to manage and track your WAF services.   By adding power and resilience to all of our security layers, we can mitigate sophisticated attacks such as low-and-slow DDoS attacks, password brute-forcing, as well as probes and planned attacks by hackers. Filtering traffic at each security firewall layer, CDNetworks Cloud Security WAF ensures only reliable and trustworthy requests each your web applications. 

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CDNetworks Products Web Application Firewall


Protection against layer-7 DDoS attacks that knock down your website, including HTTP-Get floods, Slow Loris, Rudy and more

Volumetric DDoS protection, Threat Intelligence, Access control, malicious bot detection, content caching, web application firewall, protection of the origin infrastructure

Daily monitoring, vulnerability and threat analysis, dark Internet monitoring, IP reputation monitoring, full threat simulation and regression testing 

Real-time monitoring and alerts, simplified management for the security of web applications and assets, predefined rule-sets, templates and security postures, including OWASP Top 10, comprehensive statistics and reporting

Defense against hacking attempts such as SQL injections (SQLi) and Cross Site Scripting (XSS), session hijacking, as well as other types of human and non-human attacks.

Blocks traffic from IPs known to be dangerous or malicious by CDNetworks’ global Intelligence and threat center.  While our advanced anti-scraping solution protects your site against screen scraping and bot crawling of your data, we also provide protection against spamming and fake account generation.

HTTP/HTTPS Keep alives, session sharing and contents

A set of rules and tools to fortify popular CMS platforms and their known vulnerabilities, including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

Customised rule support can be generated via the user interface

1 Service provider certification

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