Cloud-based DDoS protection with integrated CDN

DDoS protection for businesses to mitigate against attacks and their consequences

CDNetworks’ cloud-based DDoS protection is built to safeguard businesses against DDoS attacks. Through a combination of our PoP locations, DNS methodology and DDoS absorption infrastructure, we are able to examine and automatically respond to unusual traffic hitting your website. 

  • Automated identification of DDoS attack initiation
  • Automated alerts to websites under attack
  • Absorption of DDoS traffic
  • Post-attack analysis 

CDNetworks’ cloud-based DDos protection defends your website against the growing number and increasing sophistication of DDoS attacks. Our DDoS absorption infrastructure is core to our protection service, ensuring that continued and normal operations resume for our application and website customers. Our automated alerts provide the fastest means for absorbing an attack in progress, and are extremely valuable in preventing damage caused by DDoS attacks.

We combine automation technology with human intelligence to ensure your website is protected against a unique attack. Together, our dedicated security team and built-in intelligence enables us to proactively monitor, alert and protect your business before your website is compromised.

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Cloud-based node infrastructure and our DDoS traffic absorption PoPs enable us to fight sophisticated attacks

Automatic verification of network traffic for compliance to TCP/IP specifications

Our front-line engineers are trained to monitor for and respond to attacks promptly and appropriately before your website is compromised

Automated alerts notify customers of attacks

Our deeply experienced network engineers continuously improve the infrastructure to account for and protect you against increasingly sophisticated attacks

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