Cache your static content closer to your end-users

Efficiently and cost-effectively delivering content to users across the globe

CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration solution ensures the fast delivery of web content to your end users. By delivering content through the most efficient path using our globally deployed, high-capacity edge servers, we ensure rapid response times are not compromised during times of high congestion or dramatic spikes of traffic.

  • Quickly and reliably serves cacheable content
  • Supports a number of file types including JPGs, GIFs, CSS and MP3
  • Highest cache hit ratio
  • Device content variation
  • Offers automated cache purging
  • Geo-blocking and blacklisting capabilities

Content acceleration is targeted by device type, where we have a customised configuration of rules to serve content to web browsers or mobile devices. This targeting feature enables your content to be cached not only by URL, but also customer-defined keys such as cookie value, header value or a combination. Our geo-blocking technology ensures the efficient delivery of content to your site visitors and protects against unwanted content delivery, while our SSL Acceleration ensures users always receive encrypted information quickly and reliably.

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Our authentication feature ensures the domain of every request is checked to prevent unauthorised access

Geo-blocking prevents access to domains from unwanted visitors

Prevents access of unauthorised robots, wanderers, crawlers or spiders

Our cache solution enables you to set up cache-control rules

Our purging tool easily removes invalid content and obsolete content from the cache

Identifiers support your web server with access control rules

We offer customised configuration, allowing you to deliver content based on attributes beyond the URL

Our solution breaks large files into smaller segments to ensure visibility when transmission is disrupted

Cookie based authentication determines how cookies are managed by the cache

We offer real-time graphical and statistical reports for your analysis

Raw log reporting is sent to a customer-designated server to allow for detailed analysis

We provide the option to check a customer’s domain on every request

Our content acceleration solution gives customers the opportunity to skip to different parts of video and audio files without waiting for the whole file to download

Token based authentication blacklists unauthorised websites to prevent linking to content

SSL ensures encrypted content is delivered quickly and reliably

We protect against direct access to origins via URL manipulation

We validate access based on the URL

We provide SOAP and REST-based web service APIs

Our content acceleration solutions supports the following formats: CSS, JS, FLV, H.264/MP4, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WMV and more

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