Store, maintain and deliver large volumes of media, software and documents with our integrated CDN

Cloud-based storage for the fast delivery of content across the globe

CDNetworks Cloud Storage allows you to store, maintain and deliver large volumes of media, software or documents, all via our integrated content delivery network. Our Cloud Storage solution addresses the web performance needs of today’s businesses, providing high-quality performance and scalability, all at a low cost. 

  • Offers a managed, cloud-based storage service
  • Scalable, high performance storage
  • Built-in security and fault tolerant

Our managed, cloud-based storage service with built-in security ensures all data is securely transferred and prevents any unauthorised access. With fault tolerance built into every layer of our storage service, we make it possible for you to serve content to your users under any circumstances. By automatically replicating content across our multiple node locations in the UK and US, we also ensure disaster tolerance and location redundancy.   

CDNetworks Cloud Storage is integrated with our caching technology, ensuring the quick delivery of content to users around the world. Our web-based portal with real-time reporting also means you have immediate visibility on your usage and billing, allowing you to scale up and down as required.

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Secure SSL transport and strong password authentication ensure secure data transfer and prevents unauthorised access

Multiple, physically separate node locations enable automatic replication of data to numerous locations, ensuring disaster tolerance and location redundancy

Fault tolerance and high availability are built into every layer of storage service, allowing you to serve content to your users under any circumstances. Our Cloud Storage solution also supports RAID6 configuration for machine level failover

Our easy-to-manage upload system provides intuitive file transfer methods. It can support a number of file formats, including FTP, SFTP and RSYNC, and allows you to create directories for flexible and simple file management

Our storage solution provides multiple TB per location, is easily expansible and there is no limit on individual file size

Our Cloud Storage solution is optimised with our caching technology to improve performance

Our web-based portal offers real-time reporting, giving you immediate visibility on usage and billing. Our portal also includes an integrated ticketing system for ease of use

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