Accelerate websites and applications into Mainland China

Ensure content stays online and can be accessed quickly by anyone in China

CDNetworks is a trusted content delivery network provider offering CDN solutions, including hosting services for China, to ensure the fast and reliable delivery of web services in mainland China. CDNetworks has expert knowledge and experience of Chinese internet regulations, its CDN is fully licensed by the Chinese government, and it is in compliance with legislation, including the Cybersecurity Law. CDNetworks will ensure that content is accessible to everyone in China, with speedy load times, and can advise on necessary registrations and licences.

  • Specialist China CDN with a robust network in China, ensuring content is accessible to anyone in-country with fast load times
  • Cloud hosting solution for web services in China
  • Authorised by the Chinese government as a ICP Bei’An registrar
  • Extensive experience with government regulations, helping websites to stay online

The Golden Shield and Great Firewall of China limit what people in mainland China can search for, what websites can be accessed online, and is largely underestimated by Western brands targeting the Chinese market. Content providers need to be careful - once blocked, it’s very difficult to ever be unblocked. The Firewall can also mean non-Chinese websites load slower compared to those delivered in-country due to the filtering process.

In addition to this, hosting in China may be mandatory depending on the web services you operate and the nature of your business. China’s new Cybersecurity Law is designed to protect the personal information of Chinese citizens, and hence may require a review of how you manage this type of data. We advise to seek legal counsel and, if necessary, speak with the Chinese government to determine if this is necessary.

But even when content is hosted or delivered in-country, fragmentation between ISPs can limits access and increase latency. This makes a local, trusted Content Delivery Network (CDN) partner essential to ensure content will be accessible and load quickly throughout the country.

The demand to host in China can be an opportunity to consolidate CDN and hosting providers, and work with a partner that can provide advice on the correct licences (like ICP licenses), and how to be compliant with Chinese regulations and cultural expectations. 

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CDNetworks boasts a robust content delivery infrastructure that optimises content and application delivery and ensures fast load times across China’s multiple ISPs

CDNetworks provides a Cloud hosting solution with its China service, ensuring all web services are hosted and serviced through infrastructure in mainland China

We route content and applications for minimal latency across China’s internet to end users

China’s internet landscape continues to change. CDNetworks is your trusted partner to navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations and has received the CDN license by the Chinese government

CDNetworks understands in detail what can cause a website to be blocked in China, and works with clients to make sure no content will create problems

CDNetworks provides local, Chinese-language consultative services through our EMEA subsidiary and with the support from our China office. We are an official registrar for the mandatory ICP Bei’An, which means we can help brands ensure their websites have the current ICP Bei’An 

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