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A content delivery network (CDN) with DDoS absorption capabilities can help to fight off DDoS attacks. And it offers more than just DDoS protection - it provides additional capabilities that are very valuable for websites.

By bringing content closer to users wherever they are in the world, a CDN can reduce page load time ensuring a seamless experience for everyone regardless of the device being used.
A CDN with a cloud-based infrastructure can also help with traffic spikes. A CDN can balance increases in demand in real-time, meaning performance, availability and efficiency are not compromised.

But it is important to note that not every CDN is equipped to protect against DDoS attacks. In fact, some CDNs have claimed to offer DDoS protection when in reality, they have relied on their infrastructure to scale and increase the capacity of servers with points of presence (PoPs) located around the world. These PoPs allow some DDoS attacks to be absorbed without blocking access to web content and applications. 

But this alone will not do the job, and a CDN that relies solely on sheer bandwidth to absorb DDoS attacks won’t help you. You need a CDN that comes with specialised DDoS expertise, which can intelligently identify malicious traffic and go beyond http/https attacks. 

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A content delivery network with DDoS Protection

DDoS mitigation and web performance should go hand in hand, that is why a content delivery network with a cloud-based managed DDoS mitigation solution will offer protection while improving your web performance. 

We at CDNetworks offer a distributed cloud-based infrastructure with scrubbing nodes and combine automation technology and human intelligence to safeguard our customers against attacks. 

Below you can see a live-overview of attacks being performed against our global network detailing:

  • attack origins
  • attack targets/destinations
  • attack types