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The Great Firewall slows down your website

The Great Firewall in China

European websites average load time in China by country

Denmark 33.1 seconds
France 34.32 seconds
Germany 17.23 seconds
Italy 34.32 seconds
Sweden 33.17 seconds
UK 32.12 seconds

Climbing over the Great Firewall of China

Nearly 1,800 companies within Europe, including the UK, France, Germany and Italy, have dedicated websites for the Chinese market. However, because of the geographic and content licensing challenges that hamper non-Chinese website load times in the region – known collectively as “The Great Firewall of China” – the average loading time for European websites is 33.1 seconds. This slow page speed is a staggering 6 times longer than the 4.8 seconds that users in China are accustomed to – and will tolerate. As a result, users in China are becoming increasingly frustrated and less trustful of Western brands – no amount of marketing can make up for a page speed that means users will click elsewhere.

China Website Speed

CDNetworks is helping companies targeting the Chinese market to overcome this problem, accelerating the speed of websites and ensuring companies are reaching their target audience online. 
Brands expanding into China need a content delivery network partner that can ensure their content will be accessible and, will load quickly, every time.

From luxury brands through to finance, manufacturing, retail and cloud providers, CDNetworks ensures content is accessible to anyone in China with acceptable load times and ensures websites stay online thanks to proper registration and licenses.
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Websites using CDNetworks include: