SAP Acceleration

Accelerate SAP® Applications with CDNetworks

Accelerate SAP® Applications with CDNetworks

SAP is a global leader in enterprise software with solutions spanning IT operations from human resources to enterprise resource planning to supply chain. CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration solution has been reviewed and qualified by SAP as suitable for use in SAP solution-based environments. By turning the internet into a secure, high-performing application delivery network, CDNetworks helps accelerate application performance and further ensures availability of mission-critical enterprise data for customers running SAP solutions.


After SAP and CDNetworks conducted in-depth testing, the Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA) solution was proven to improve internet performance between the on-premise SAP installation and remote end users, as well as its stability, reliability, and security. CDNetworks is now an SAP software solution and technology partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program.

Dynamic Web
and Network Acceleration

DWA and DNA improve internet performance for customer websites and applications by accelerating the “middle mile”, which is typically the longest network distance that data must travel between users and the customer datacenter. One cluster of servers (the “shield”) is close to the customer datacenter, while a second cluster of servers (the “edge”) is close to a given end user. Because CDNetworks has a globally distributed network of DWA servers, the edge is never far from any individual end user who accesses the website or application. The connection between shield and edge uses a number of protocol optimizations that dramatically improve performance over the public internet, thereby improving user experience in areas of availability, reliability, and speed.


Testing Methodology

Third-party testing tools were used, including Compuware Gomez, showing results that help accelerate SAP applications, which included:

  • 650% improvement in login response times
  • 66% improvement in global average document download times
  • 52% improvement in global average end user response times
  • Double the capacity for number of transactions per minute

Download the whitepaper for more information on SAP’s performance test.

Testing Results

Testing Parameters

The test environment was constructed in SAP’s CO-Innovation Lab (COIL) in Palo Alto, CA, and included the SAP NetWeaver Portal exposing business data from an SAP ECC 6.0 backend system via a NetWeaver Composite Environment.

Testing was measured with Compuware Gomez® using their 150,000+ backbone and last-mile testing locations across 160+ countries and 2,500+ ISPs. The test was configured to run hourly and compared functionality, performance, and reliability of SAP applications with and without the DWA service.

Testing Results

In the first test, the improvement in average global performance was 52% (or 2.1 times faster). The second test, due to the comparatively greater quantity of data transferred (and thus greater returns from the TCP optimizations in DWA), the improvement was 66% (or 2.9 times faster). In both these tests, performance gains were realized in all countries, with more marked effects in remote regions (such as India, Russia, South Africa, and especially China).

In the third test, the SAP origin without DWA acceleration was able to deliver 250-300 transactions per minute and login responses in about 7-8 seconds, whereas with DWA acceleration, 400-450 transactions per minute could be delivered with login responses in about 1 second (a 650% improvement). Moreover, without DWA, 52 of the 1323 transactions in a representative 20 minute period failed, whereas with DWA, none of the 7973 transactions failed.


Accelerating SAP Applications with CDNetworks DWA


Using DWA or DNA with SAP not only yields dramatic improvements in performance, but also increases the effective load that the SAP installation can handle, while eliminating the errors that are otherwise introduced by connecting over the public internet. For mission-critical applications, reliable, fast connections are, like the applications themselves, mission-critical. CDNetworks DWA is able to deliver precisely that for your SAP installation.

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