With CDNetworks global network, Calaméo increased downloading capacity while decreasing bandwidth required

At a glance

Company: Calameo

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: France

Industry: Digital Publication

CDN Services: Content Acceleration

Key results

  • A ten-fold increase in capacity at a lower cost
  • Seamless management of large volumes (impossible before CDNetworks’ solution)
  • Faster display of static documents with reduced bandwidth requirements
  • The flexibility to manage spikes in website traffic
  • Enhanced security, since CDNetworks can filter malicious content

Calaméo is a free document publishing and sharing platform developed by WebCentric. It lets users incorporate multimedia features like videos, sound effects, and interactive animations into their web publications. 80% of the platform’s users are consumers and 20% are businesses that have signed up for paid options. Those business customers include Nestle, Fiat, Carrefour, Suzuki, Lidl, and the French Red Cross. The platform has been so successful that the bandwidth capacity needed to store and display the huge number of Word documents, PDF documents, and other content has skyrocketed.

Improved Productivity And Significant Savings

Faced with the immense popularity – and rapidly-growing data volumes – of their platform, Calaméo’s managers decided to invest in additional IT infrastructure. They wanted a solution that would provide additional capacity and rapid, reliable service at a reasonable cost. Because the platform is based in Paris but has an international user base, they needed technology that could quickly deliver content to users across the globe.

They found the answer in a unique infrastructure arrangement: 1/3 of the content is hosted at Calaméo, 1/3 is hosted on CDNetworks’ content delivery network, and 1/3 is in the cloud. “Thanks to CDNetworks, we can manage volumes that never would have been possible otherwise,” said Mathieu Quisefit, CoFounder and CTO of Calaméo Today the platform counts 10 million publications, 5 billion web page views, 4 million users, and is available in 7 languages.

Faster Pages, Smoother Website Traffic, And Enhanced Protection

CDNetworks’ solution lets users publish static documents even faster by reducing the amount of bandwidth required and bringing content closer to where they are. It also gives Calaméo the flexibility it needs to seamlessly deal with spikes in website traffic.

Thanks to its 140 points of presence around the world, CDNetworks can store content near just about any user location, and has the global infrastructure to absorb peaks in website traffic. Calaméo’s own network covers South America, the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia. “Even if our website traffic or volume doubles, we know that our platform will continue to operate without a hitch – thanks to CDNetworks’ solution. That’s very reassuring,” said Jean-Olivier de Berard.

CDNetworks’ solution also serves as filter: its content delivery network can block malicious queries before they reach Calaméo’s servers.

Kudos For CDNetworks’ Support Team

A ten-fold increase in web capacity isn’t the only benefit Calaméo has seen from working with CDNetworks. Its managers also appreciate the highly-efficient customer support. “CDNetworks’ tech support team has always been very helpful, responding very quickly every time we have question,” said Mathieu.

About Calaméo

Calaméo is a web application for creating interactive digital publications. It offers a new, easy-to-use document publishing system with a host of value-added features. Users can create interactive catalogues, brochures, sales pamphlets, annual reports, and more – all from a PDF file. The web publications can be viewed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and give the impression of reading a paper document: readers can flip through pages, bookmark pages, and zoom in for easier viewing.

About CDNetworks

CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with a fully integrated cloud solution, offering unparalleled speed, security and reliability for the almost instant delivery of web content. Optimised for any device, browser and network, we ensure all users have a fast and safe web experience - whether you’re serving B2B or B2C customers, mobile employees or remote offices.

CDNetworks accelerates and secures websites and web applications over our strategically built network of global PoPs in both established and emerging markets. We specialise in those parts of the world where keeping a website accessible is most difficult: Mainland China, Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

CDNetworks has offices located in Singapore, the US, France, Germany, UK, South Korea, China and Japan.

For more information, please visit: http://www.cdnetworks.com.sg



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