Web Performance Suite

Web Performance Suite

Web Performance Suite Datasheet

Today’s extended enterprise is truly global, with customers, employees, vendors, partners, and suppliers dispersed worldwide. As a result, businesses are delivering a wider variety of content and mission-critical applications from their websites –everything from streaming media and advertising to eCommerce, CRM and ERP functionality.

Yet most organizations quickly realize the in-house costs and expertise required to deliver reliable performance to end users around the globe can stall online initiatives. Those businesses that proceed must over-provision hardware, software, and bandwidth to prepare for spikes in user demand, making in-house content and application delivery cost-prohibitive.

The CDNetworks Web Performance Suite overcomes these challenges by seamlessly combining all the components necessary for delivering high-performance, robust website and application functionality. These include acceleration functionality for applications, content, media, and the dynamic web along with cloud-based DNS, load balancing, and storage. And we provide this functionality through business operations and POPs on six continents, including a significant presence in mainland China and Russia.

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