WEB APPLICATION FIREWALL (WAF): More than web security

WEB APPLICATION FIREWALL (WAF): More than web security

Attacks targeting web based applications and services have been on the rise in recent years and show no sign of slowing up. According to a recent study by Ponemon Institute, most organizations have had their web applications compromised. In addition, critical vulnerabilities that threaten the whole web based ecosystem, like Heartbleed Vulnerability and shell shock, disclosed in 2014, are raising awareness about the importance of web security.

Organizations that fall victim to a web attack typically suffer damage in one or more areas: deteriorating customer trust; lost revenue; negative brand impact; or slowed Web innovation and expansion. Sometimes, web security incidents, such as a data breach, threaten the survival of the organization. As a result, organizations of all kinds recognize the need to protect their Web application and data against these dangerous web attacks.

This paper is meant to assist business and IT decision-makers tasked with defending their organization or brand against the harmful effects of a web attack. It identifies the most common types of web attacks, clarifies the intentions of attackers, cost of web security incidents, and describes the optimal way to protect the web applications and important assets with the next generation web security technology.


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