The High Costs of Building vs. Using a CDN Service

The High Costs of Building vs. Using a CDN Service

Fortune 500 companies, whether they are manufacturers, software-as-a-service providers, or retailers, can’t afford to ignore the opportunities for revenue generation and process efficiency presented by today’s global Internet economy. As a result, many have established an extended enterprise of customers, employees, and partners with end users dispersed around the world.

It can be difficult and expensive to deliver website content and applications to a globally dispersed audience. This is especially true when attempting to deliver a high-quality user experience in emerging markets, where some of the fastest-growing countries with less robust Internet infrastructure exist.

Fortunately, the means of delivering critical web-based content and applications in a simplified and cost-effective manner has become readily available. Most companies are leveraging next-generation content delivery network (CDN) services to manage the global delivery of not just static content and multimedia but dynamic content and applications.

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