Minimizing Latency in Global Online Trading: The Key to Emerging Market Success

Minimizing Latency in Global Online Trading: The Key to Emerging Market Success


Forex trading firms have spent billions of dollars improving their trading IT infrastructure to get as close as possible to zero-latency trading. While this has helped attract HFTs and individual electronic traders in North America and Western Europe, it has not yet drawn in crowds of a fast-growing segment of the Forex trading market ─ retail investors based in emerging market regions. Despite significant IT investment by trading platforms located in the Western hemisphere, retail investors in emerging market regions of the world struggle with poor performance over the WAN.

The revenue opportunity presented by emerging market retail investors is growing fast, particularly among those who trade currencies electronically. With a simple, inexpensive, and non-intrusive improvement to their global content distribution infrastructure, lead trading platforms are significantly boosting revenue from electronic Forex trading around the world.

Learn more in this white paper and find out how SaxoTrader benefited from CDNetwork’s Dynamic Network Acceleration when expanding to China and other emerging markets.

“CDNetworks has helped us achieve our goal of successfully entering emerging marketing with our flagship platform applications.”
~Ashley Latham, SVP
Trading Products, Saxo Bank

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