ICP and Bei’An Licensing China FAQ

ICP and Bei’An Licensing China FAQ


With more than 650 million internet users in China (twice that of the US), it’s no wonder that so many enterprises want to establish a presence there. Whether to reach the growing base of online shoppers or to provide employees in China with access to benefits and cloud applications, organizations quickly realize that not only can latency become an issue, but just deciphering the rules and regulations can be daunting. While not impossible to achieve, knowing the licensing and content rules ahead of time could save you from failing down the road with your China presence.

This FAQ is meant to give you a high level understanding of the types of licenses needed to operate a website reaching consumers, businesses, and employees in China. If you are serious about extending to China, then CDNetworks can help you with all aspects from licensing to accelerating your web content and cloud applications, so your customers and employees in China have the same great experience as the rest of the world.

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