Global Web Performance Matters More than Ever For Online Retailers

Global Web Performance Matters More than Ever For Online Retailers

Global ecommerce sales are growing worldwide at double digit rates as shown in the cart below. At the same time, competition for online shoppers is fierce.

Global ecommece 2013-2018

Online retailers increasingly rely on media- rich and interactive features for their websites to drive user engagement and revenue. But, unless steps are taken to ensure that site performance keeps pace with these innovations, buyers will not stick around, resulting in damage to the brand and lost revenue.

Statistics show that 57% of online shoppers will abodon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. In a 2015 study by Radware, the median load time for the top 100 ecommerce sites was 5.2 seconds. Poor performance is due, in large part, to the higher number of resource requests needed to accommodate greater website complexity and size.

Numerous studies show that seemingly minor decreases in performance or uptime have disastrous effects on a business’s bottom line. Conversely, websites that consistently deliver a high-quality experience boost return users and drive conversions.

These results clearly point to the need for online retailers to optimize website performance alongside user engagement in order to gain competitive advantage.

Business professionals who lead their organization’s online retail efforts will find this paper valuable. It provides insights into the most effective techniques for improving website performance and their associated impact on user engagement, SEO, and infrastructure costs.

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