DDoS Attack Mitigation: Ongoing Preparedness Works Best

DDoS Attack Mitigation: Ongoing Preparedness Works Best

Denial of service (DDoS) attacks are rapidly increasing and continue to be a major security threat for web businesses. DDoS attacks are essentially a deployment of large amounts of malicious traffic designed to overwhelm the website or web application servers so it can no longer respond to legitimate user requests. The rate of effectiveness and the ease of deployment makes DDoS the most prevalent form of attack.

Organizations of all sizes, across all industries are experiencing DDoS attacks daily and most are not equipped with effective security measures. Traditional web infrastructures do not provide adequate defense and are easily compromised by the smallest of DDoS attacks. Web infrastructure expansion is not deemed as a cost effective solution by most organizations. So what are companies doing to prepare themselves against the increasing  number and rapidly growing scale of DDoS attacks?

This white paper defines the mechanics of DDoS attacks, the devastating effects it can potentially have on your web business and solutions organizations are turning to for effective defense.

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