A Unified Approach to Website and Web Application Acceleration

A Unified Approach to Website and Web Application Acceleration

The key to extracting maximum value from an extended enterprise is to empower users with access to the applications and data needed to run a business. But it can be difficult and expensive to deliver website content and applications to a globally dispersed audience. This is especially true when attempting to deliver a high-quality user experience in some of the fastest-growing countries with less robust Internet infrastructure.

Fortunately, the means of delivering critical web-based content and applications in a simplified and cost-effective manner has become readily available. Many companies are leveraging content delivery network (CDN) services to manage the global delivery of static content, multimedia, and in some cases, applications.

This paper describes the business and technological drivers behind the fast-growing uptake of CDN services. It also provides details to help CIOs and IT managers evaluate the widely varying capabilities of different CDN service providers.

Some key topics explored in this whitepaper include:

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