451 Research: Hybridization of Network Security and Performance as a Service

451 Research: Hybridization of Network Security and Performance as a Service


There’s no arguing that WAF and DDoS services can be worth their weight in gold when a business is under attack. However, having DDoS protection always online can be expensive, and properly tuning WAF filters can be time-consuming for staff. Apart from operational costs, there is a performance cost to security services. That in turn leads to a potential lost sale. In e-commerce, for example, a number of studies have shown that consumers generally expect a mobile site to load as fast as a site on a desktop computer. In 2011, consumers would wait five seconds before abandoning a mobile site; now some reports put that figure between two to three seconds. The equation is simple: faster page load times equate with more opportunities to show ads and sell stuff.

How to recoup the time spent making the network and application more secure? Technologies long deployed in CDNs are one way to improve performance for applications delivered from the cloud. A CDN does this by using compute, storage and network resources to place content such as files or other objects close to an end user for improved performance.

This report describes how these demands are shaping hybridization between on-premises, cloud-based security, and network and application performance services.

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