Russia Acceleration

Russia Acceleration: 16 Points of Presence and Local Expertise

Experts in extending websites, ecommerce, and cloud-based applications into Russia

CDNetworks makes it easy for enterprises to successfully and cost-effectively deliver web content and applications into Russia. We’ve laid the groundwork for you in the high-growth Russian market by establishing a nationwide network that is unmatched in both reach and performance. CDNetworks’ Russia cloud acceleration delivers dynamic website content and cloud applications from around the world to end-users in Russia in a few milliseconds and the entire country faster than any other CDN.  Russian businesses and consumers benefit from faster web and cloud-based application downloads, speedy dynamic and static website content delivery and accelerated cloud content.  CDNetworks Russia cloud acceleration enables enterprises to extend their offerings throughout Russia as if they were located down the street.

Delivers dynamic website content and cloud applications from around the world to end-users in Russia

We achieve this through our in-country presence as well as a strategic partnership with MegaFon, the first and only network operator to cover all federal districts of Russia with CDN services. Together, CDNetworks and MegaFon provide a broad range of web content and application delivery services throughout Russia and surrounding areas.

In addition, CDNetworks and MegaFon have gained traction in media and video streaming content delivery throughout all of Russia and globally, signing up customers including Dulton Media, RuTube, and LiveJournal.

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The Russia Acceleration Difference

Our 16 points of presence (PoPs) and growing plus local presence in Russia reflect the nature of today’s global internet community. Our customers value partnering with a truly global CDN that leverages local business savvy and infrastructure in multiple geographies. Whether tracking new rules, business developments, or changing regulations, CDNetworks stays abreast of external factors that impact your business.

We back our business acumen with delivery capabilities that include massive capacity and 200 PoPs on six continents.

Unique Ability to Optimize Delivery Across Russia

Our strategic partnership with MegaFon means that our customers gain access to the broadest network in Russia. With more than 2300 Autonomous Systems (AS) in Russia, our support teams and technologies monitor and route content and applications for optimal delivery with minimal latency across Russia’s internet to end-users nationwide

Improve End-User Experience with CDNetworks

For many businesses, Russia’s internet has presented a serious challenge to achieving consistently high performance and availability of Web content and applications.  CDNetworks runs continuous tests to gauge our performance in Russia, automatically routing around network congestion or other problems that may arise

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