WAF Protection

Integrated WAF with CDN

WAF Protection

Applications are becoming more accessible on the web across all industries including gaming, ecommerce, software, and media. This is great for reaching new customers around the globe, but along with new opportunities comes the threat of increasingly complex attacks against web applications. By integrating Cloud Security into CDNetworks global infrastructure of 160 points of presence, the length, intensity and impact of attacks can be reduced.

CDNetworks cloud-based WAF is ideally suited for mitigating layer 7 attacks

CDNetworks Cloud Security provides intelligent web application firewall (WAF) technology fully integrated with our global CDN and monitored 24/7. The intelligent, multi-layered WAF stops layer 7 attacks including DDoS, SQL injections, and behavior based complex logics. CDNetworks Cloud Security is industry leading, next generation technology that is self-learning and self-evolving.

Features & Benefits

Managed and monitored 24/7, customer portal for visibility

CDNetworks security engineers monitor the integrated WAF 24/7. Customers have visibility to website and web application performance via the Cloud Security portal. From the portal, customers can set alerts, view real-time and historical performance, add/change custom rules, determine security setting by domain, and more.

Spam and Abuse protection

A set of rules to prevent spam and abuse your websites forms. CMS Platforms protection: A set of rules and tools to fortify popular CMS and their known vulnerabilities including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Application DDoS protection

Protection against attempts to knock down your website with layer-7 DDoS, such as HTTP-Get floods, Slow Loris, Rudy and others.

WAF (SQLi, XSS and More)

A first layer of defense against hacking attempts such as SQL injections and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and others by both human and non-human.

Reputation Firewall

Blocking Traffic from IPs known to be dangerous or malicious by CDNetworks’ global Intelligence and threat center.

Screen Scraping protection

Protect your site against screen scraping and bots crawling your data with CDNetworks’ advanced anti-scraping solution.

Behavioral WAF

Behavioral user risk assessment to block malicious bots and high-risk sessions. Blocks low-and-slow DDoS attacks, password brute-forcing, probing and attack planning by hackers and servers to add power and resilience to all other security layers to mitigate sophisticated attacks.

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