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CDNetworks & High Availability

When you think of maintaining high availability of your applications and websites, leveraging a cloud-based CDN naturally comes to mind. It is the most cost-effective means of delivering high-performing websites, applications, and content around the world. At CDNetworks, high availability is simply what we do – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

High availability is simply what we do – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year

Cloud Delivery

CDNetworks seamlessly combines all the components necessary for delivering high-performance, robust website and application functionality. These include acceleration for static and dynamic application content, media, storage, as well as global traffic management. We provide this functionality through business operations and a massive global network on six continents, including a significant presence in mainland China and other emerging and challenging markets.

Keeping our infrastructure, and in turn your site, highly available and fast is made easier by the nature of our integrated technologies and products. They were all purpose-built to work in conjunction with one another. Native integration between the technologies and products ensures robust levels of tracking, accountability, and integration as we continuously upgrade systems and services.

Origin Protection

CDNetworks’ infrastructure of globally distributed cloud-based nodes takes on the security role of acting as the servers in front of your website’s origin. As such, we absorb the majority of attacks aimed at our customers.

To prevent attacks from affecting our CDN, we apply multiple security measures to our infrastructure on a constant and continuous basis. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities and closing open access points
  • Closing unused ports, filtering administrative ports by source IP
  • Blocking unneeded protocols, such as ICMP and UDP
  • Network layer filtering

In addition, our customers can apply a rule on their origin — “only respond to CDNetworks CDN servers” –virtually eliminating the need to respond to floods of phony or malicious requests.

Origin Failover

In the event one of our customers suffers a problem at their origin site, we provide guaranteed seamless and automatic failover to the backup origin. Not only does this provide customers with ongoing peace of mind, it enables them to deliver high availability with a simple configuration option.

Global Traffic Routing and Load Balancing

CDNetworks has gained numerous accolades for our industry-leading DNS footprint, which utilizes PoPs in 40 cities across 6 continents. Leveraging the “Anycast” methodology for network addressing and routing, we optimize the response to all DNS requests, no matter where they originate in the world. We also apply anycast to multiple nodes simultaneously so that availability remains high even if a node fails unexpectedly.

CDNetworks also employs a sophisticated load-balancing system to distribute content requests to the fastest serving PoP. Similar to anycast for DNS, if an area becomes overloaded with end-user requests, we automatically shift requests to other sites.

Shopping Cart Acceleration

High availability of shopping carts on eCommerce sites has become critical to successfully closing sales over the internet. This is because an overwhelming number of site users abandon their session as they wait for shopping cart applications to load. By speeding up the traffic from customer to origin server and accelerating it over our PCI-compliant global server network (PCI Certification); we make it easy to deliver a safe and compelling shopping experience to any audience ― any time. Retailers especially appreciate our performance and availability capabilities during holiday traffic surges, because they can scale applications and websites without any pre-planning or additional capital expenditure.

Constantly Evolving Attack Defense Posture

We recognize that hackers and website attackers are constantly developing new schemes to take down sites of all kinds. For that reason, CDNetworks dedicates a team of knowledgeable CDN engineers to track the latest threats and develop counter-measures to keep our customers’ sites safer than ever. Most recently, we have introduced our DDoS Mitigation Service, a combination of our global network, Anycast DNS methodology and DDoS absorption infrastructure, to respond automatically to unusual traffic spikes.

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Features & Benefits

High performance via cloud delivery

CDNetworks provides ultimate performance of application and website delivery via 140 network PoPs located on 6 continents.

Integrated technologies

The CDNetworks solutions and architecture have been purpose-built from the ground up so that they work in conjunction with one another, seamlessly and fast.

Origin protection

CDNetworks applies apply best practices to restrict access to our customers’ origin. At the same time, we enable customers to implement their own origin protection mechanisms over our network to maximize security of critical origin infrastructure.

Origin failover

Seamless and automatic failover from customers’ origin to their backup allows customers to innovate without the risk of interrupting their application and website delivery.

Continuously Evolving Threat defense

Our Engineers and DDoS Mitigation Service keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape so that you don’t need to spend valuable time and resources securing your website infrastructure to achieve high availability.

Sophisticated global traffic routing and load balancing

We apply the “anycast” methodology for network addressing and routing as well as a sophisticated load-balancing system to optimize global DNS requests and perform failover in the event a network PoP is underperforming.

PCI-certified shopping cart acceleration

CDNetworks simultaneously protects data and speeds shopping cart applications by optimizing the customer-to-origin connections and sending all data over our certified-compliant PCI network.

Global Network

200 points of presence

in 100 cities

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